Simplify High-Volume Hiring with Efficient Software Tools

The talent acquisition world is complex for businesses of all sizes, but when managing high-volume hiring you need the right hiring tools that won’t lag behind. As enterprise organizations comb through hundreds of new resumes a week, recruiters are faced with implementing an efficient workflow that allows them to attract, screen, and hire more candidates at a faster pace.

High-volume hiring can pose an enormous amount of stress and pressure on recruiters to have the right tools to meet expectations and impact the long-term business strategy.

What Exactly Is High-Volume Hiring?

The term high-volume hiring refers to the time when organizations need to hire a large number of new employees in a designated amount of time. Depending on the company, these numbers can vary in size and duration.

Some businesses, especially those in retail and hospitality, experience an influx in hiring on a seasonal basis to prepare for holidays and special events. In fact, it was estimated that nearly 740,000 seasonal workers were hired by U.S. retailers in 20161. Other companies might hire large amounts of new employees on a regular basis, adding new headcount weekly or monthly. Regardless of the time and amount of people organizations are recruiting in high-volume situations, chances are they’re going to face the same unique challenges.

The Headaches of High-Volume Hiring

Efficiency: Open positions impact the bottom line, costing businesses an average of $11.25M per 1,000 vacancies due to lost productivity and recruiting efforts2.

Accuracy: The costs of hiring the wrong candidate can be more detrimental to the business than leaving a role unfilled. On average, the typical high-volume job posting receives over 250 applications - 75 percent of these applications received are unqualified3. Although positions need to be filled quickly, they need to be filled with the right people to avoid future turnover costs.

Analytics: High-volume hiring teams struggle to make more insightful recruitment decisions. In fact, only 44 percent of HR departments feel equipped to make the right recruitment marketing investments4. Without data and analytics, businesses have no way of quantifying their efforts.

The Solution?

Simplify with Software

High-volume hiring relies on an effective and efficient hiring process. An end-to-end talent acquisition platform like iCIMS can help alleviate workflow redundancies so recruiters can fill roles quickly with top talent. Here’s how:

By Bolstering Candidate Pipelines: Despite the time constraints in high-volume hiring, attracting qualified candidates is still top priority. A powerful applicant tracking system (ATS) like iCIMS Recruit allows you to streamline your sourcing techniques by posting on targeted job boards, sharing on social media, and ensuring that open jobs are ranking favorably on search engines like Google. The right ATS also lets recruiters move candidates through their workflows with ease, with all key information in a single source.

A robust customer relationship management software (CRM) can also help grow candidate pipelines, especially for companies that need to prepare for periodic hiring influxes. With iCIMS Connect, recruiters can adopt proactive recruitment tactics, such as branded email marketing campaigns. This way, when it’s time to begin hiring for seasonal positions, they’ll have a batch of interested candidates to recruit from, saving time and filling roles faster.

Through Robust Employee Onboarding: Due to the fast-paced nature of high-volume hiring, organizations need to onboard new employees quickly so they can hit the ground running. Strong onboarding software, like iCIMS Onboard, can expedite simple onboarding processes such as digital filing and task management. It’s also proven to help with employee productivity. According to Talent Board, employees who undergo digital onboarding are more productive in their first few weeks of work.

Additionally, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that turnover for high-volume positions, such as retail, is approximately 60 percent. Implementing a strong onboarding program and providing the necessary resources for your new employees to start strong will increase retention. Or, if organizations are hiring seasonally, they’ll have higher chances of employees wanting to stay for full-time positions, or returning for employment the next year.

Using Powerful Integrations: To combat the complexities associated with high-volume hiring, choose a software provider that delivers one experience to centralize your HR processes. A robust Platform-as-a-service (PaaS) framework like iCIMS UNIFi offers one holistic view of your recruitment strategies in a single system of record, eradicating multiple logins and disparate systems. 

iCIMS UNIFi makes it easy for your talent platform to integrate harmoniously with your pre-existing ERP or HRIS systems. Robust integrations allow you to maximize your high-volume hiring even further, by eliminating everyday redundancies to keep the hiring process moving.

With Metrics and Reporting: Finally, recruitment analytics are vital to organizational success. In fact, companies that leverage HR analytics outperform those who don’t in reaching target KPIs5. This is likely because with powerful metrics and reporting, businesses can see exactly how their recruitment strategies are performing and adjust accordingly to meet their goals.

Organizations struggling with high-volume hiring should pay attention to their recruitment analytics at every stage of the talent acquisition lifecycle. Companies that hire seasonally, like retail and ecommerce, should utilize data to make predictions for upcoming hiring bursts. Comparing data from previous seasons can help uncover top sourcing strategies, key sourcing times, and how to improve workflows. Companies experiencing high-volume hiring throughout the year can rely on data and metrics to improve recruitment efficiency
and accuracy.

Sunoco's Story with iCIMS

“Right now, we have 15,000 employees under our different brands,” says Leonard Qualtiere, Senior Specialist of Human Resource Operations.

“We chose iCIMS because the company and product were robust enough to handle our high-volume hiring needs.

Since implementing iCIMS in two languages, we immediately saw a reduction in the time it previously took to hire employees and get them onboarded. On top of that, we connected iCIMS with additional HR software providers, streamlining the user experience for tasks like compensation, credits, and I9/e-verification. Taking advantage of iCIMS’ PaaS framework has reduced our recruitment costs while providing a better, well-rounded experience for candidates, new hires and recruiters alike.”

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