How Technology Makes Recruiting Events Easy

When you think of recruitment marketing, what comes to mind? Chances are, its employer branding or job advertising, popular tactics in most advanced recruitment strategies. Have you considered incorporating recruitment events and career fairs into your recruitment strategy? If not, it might be time to rethink that. 

The Value of Recruitment Events

They Provide a Strong Candidate Pool 

Recruitment events provide employers with an on-demand talent pool full of interested job seekers. Rather than having to source for talent, your candidates have found you – capitalize on the opportunity.  It’s an easy way to meet with job seekers, serve as an initial screen for talent, and help build overall brand awareness. 

They Paint a Better Picture of Expectations

Recruitment events allow potential candidates to meet with employees and recruiters before they even begin the application experience. By speaking with employees and learning more about the company, job seekers gain better insight into your corporate culture and the kind of interpersonal skills your organization values. If you’re hosting your own event onsite – even better. This will give job seekers an inside look at what it’s like working for your company and help influence their decisions to apply. 

They’re a Great Way to Attract Millennials 

Want to attract millennials? College career fairs are an easy way to get in front of the new additions to the workforce.  
Leverage university career fairs as a way of meeting the newest generation of job seekers and building brand awareness.  This way, when they graduate, your newest job seekers will know exactly where they want to apply.

How Technology Helps

One of the reasons companies are struggling to incorporate successful hiring events into their recruitment strategies is because they aren’t armed with the right tools. Two technologies help make recruitment events easy: applicant tracking systems (ATS) and candidate relationship management software (CRM)
Individually – both tools can be impactful. But together, they can streamline and simplify every stage of your recruiting event, from start to finish
Here's how:

Before the Event… 

Promote Events to Potential Candidates 

Before the event, you want to drive attendance. For high-volume events, stay focused on a branding strategy. You’re getting the word out about your company and culture, and it is unlikely you’ll be able to screen candidates on the spot. For smaller, focused events, strategize on how to properly screen and assess candidates at the event to fast track the hiring process.
Once you have a strategy in place, get in touch with those already within your CRM through email marketing. Candidates who are actively seeking out job information should have information about your entire company – not just open requisitions. Important corporate intel, such as company culture, corporate missions, and upcoming events should all be accessible via the career portal. Use your ATS to build out your career portal and page as an advertising opportunity and list upcoming hiring events. This way, interested candidates will see exactly how and where they can get in touch when researching open positions.  
Don’t forget about your passive candidates. Another way to advertise your event is through email marketing campaigns. Though they’re one of the more traditional digital marketing practices, email marketing campaigns prove to be lucrative – in fact,        
With the help of a robust CRM tool, deploying email marketing campaigns and getting in touch with potential talent is easy. Use a CRM to create branded emails to promote your event, then send automatically to your designated candidate pipelines. Most software allows users to send batch emails with customizable dynamic content, such as subject lines and greetings, so they’ll be personalized to your recipients. Email marketing campaigns are a simple way to get the word out while allowing recruitment teams to track open rates and engagement levels and plan accordingly. 

During the Event… 

Make Check-In Automated and Easy 

Registration and check-in are stressful at any event, but with the right technology, it doesn’t have to be. iCIMS Connect’s Candidate Kiosk puts attendees in control, allowing them to register and check-in directly from their mobile devices, giving them more time to interact with recruiters. 
Recruiters save time too, as Connect’s Candidate Kiosk automatically captures and stores candidate information directly in their CRM, eliminating manual data entry. 

Keep the Recruitment Process Moving 

For smaller hiring events dedicated to filling open positions, it’s vital to keep the recruitment process moving smoothly. You can ensure your hiring process isn’t held up by empowering your on-site recruiters with the right tools they need to screen candidates directly from the event. For example, iCIMS Connect allows on-site recruiters and hiring managers to review candidates immediately.  Using their resumes captured from Candidate Kiosk, the Recruiter Review feature lets recruiters access candidate information directly from their mobile devices and provide feedback, tag hard and soft skills, and rate their overall interaction. 

After the Event… 

Follow Up and Stay in Touch 

Your event has wrapped and you’re heading back to the office with a stacked candidate pipeline and even some potential new hires – now what? It’s time to get to work. 
Automated email communications and seamless scheduling capabilities allow your recruiters to get in touch with your favorite candidates and begin the formal interview process. Powerful software like iCIMS Recruit also provides hiring managers and recruiters the flexibility to open jobs, check off approvals, and make offers all from one centralized system of record, for a holistic view of all recruitment operations. 
High-volume events provide you with a stocked candidate pipeline, so you know where to look to fill your next open role. After the event, build out custom talent pools and use email automation tools to thank candidates for attending, and more importantly, nurture them with company updates and future job openings. This is especially key for seasonal hiring and college career fairs where candidates might be in the early stages of their job hunt. 
iCIMS Connect also lets recruiters track engagement levels that show which candidates are the most actively engaged with your organization, so you can see who might be likely to apply for open jobs, then easily move them through your ATS workflows.  

Report on Event Success 

When everything is said and done, it’s important to see return on investment of your recruiting events and the impact they’re making on your hiring strategy. Choose an ATS provider that has robust reporting functionality, so you can quantify your event efforts and make smarter decisions. Create and configure source-of-hire reports for insight into how your recruitment events are working and where you can make improvements.  With the right software, it’s easy to report and share your findings with colleagues and management, and prepare for events to come. 

How iCIMS Can Help

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