Best Hiring Practices for the Modern Recruiter

Today’s recruitment landscape brings with it many challenges. The digital age has put the power in the candidate’s hands and modern recruiters know that previous recruiting tactics won’t cut it. In fact, 71 percent of hiring managers agree that to increase the quality of people they hire, the recruiting process requires improvement.1

To remain effective, hiring solutions and talent acquisition tools that are built for long-term recruitment success are needed.

3 Hiring Truths for Modern Recruiting

Truth #1: You Are Who You Hire

American business author Jim Collins once said, “Great vision without great people is irrelevant.” An organization is only as good as the people working for it, and a company’s growth is based on its ability to attract and hire top talent. The responsibility to find top talent falls to the modern recruiter, who must operate in an increasingly competitive recruitment landscape while the business scales.

When the right talent can’t be found, lost profit and revenue can reach $23,000 per unfilled position2 and as much as 80 percent of employee turnover is due to bad hiring decisions.3 The modern recruiter must be agile in strategizing how to attract talent during the many phases of company growth.

Whether the organization is growing rapidly or it needs to solve for a leadership gap, new hires will have to fill open positions while also helping to  sustain the current culture and values.

Truth #2: Successful Organizations Provide a Great Candidate Experience

It has always been a priority in talent acquisition to pay attention to the candidate experience first, yet 60 percent of job seekers still report their experience as poor.4

Organizations need to look at how they’re offering a positive candidate experience by placing a magnifying glass on what happens before candidates start the application process—how they’re finding and researching employers.

This is especially important as job seekers, who as consumers first, expect the same seamless and easy modern digital experience when searching for job opportunities. These job seekers are comfortable with user-friendly searching capabilities within social networks and streaming services. Ensure your candidate experience compares in simplicity by first figuring out where there’s room for improvement.

Identifying a gap at the start of a job seeker’s experience, Google has introduced an improved search function to help people find jobs more quickly and efficiently. Google for Jobs allows job seekers to explore jobs and refine their search to meet their unique needs, connecting them with the right positions faster and within an experience they’ve grown accustomed to as consumers. Job seekers simply refine their search with specific criteria and Google Search detects, then displays available jobs. With 63 percent of full-time employees looking for a new job5, this improved job search experience on Google is game-changing—for job seekers, recruiters and applicant tracking system providers alike. iCIMS has proudly partnered with Google to service customers’ jobs in an improved search experience.

Meeting the expectations of the job-seeking consumer doesn’t stop there. In fact, 82 percent of millennials expect every organization to have a mobile-friendly career site and job application process.6 Hiring tools can help improve the candidate experience by incorporating parsing functionality to auto populate key candidate information from a social account like LinkedIn or upload a resume from cloud-based repositories like Google Drive. Social apply functionality within iCIMS Recruit improves the hiring experience by decreasing manual entry of information to give candidates an easy and fast experience, no matter what device they use.

A career site that meets mobile expectations means more than the ability to fit within a smartphone screen. It means the site is also configured to give candidates an accurate view of the job at hand and the values that make up the company culture. Without this, new hires may feel frustrated post-hire, leading to an increase in employee turnover.

Truth #3: Data Drives Performance and Scalability

Organizations rely on numerous technologies and complex hiring solutions to meet their talent acquisition needs. However, there’s a lot of data to reign in to make better business decisions, and lack of integration across disparate systems is the number one challenge cited by HR professionals today.7 Responsively, talent acquisition providers have evolved towards the need for one dedicated platform that can track the effectiveness of the entire talent acquisition process.

Integration of talent acquisition and post-hire solutions, such as a preferred HCM, allows for a single set of data within one platform to support more accurate decision-making. When modern recruiters use compiled data to hire—reviewing metrics across all tools—they’re not only more likely to reduce costs, improve their recruiting efforts8 and retain talent; they’re also more prepared to approach business leaders with strategic recommendations and insights.

The iCIMS Talent Platform tracks important KPIs in real-time across all integrated tools, enabling recruiters to report on everything from campaign effectiveness to cost-per-hire. With iCIMS UNIFi, the complex world of talent acquisition is simplified within one platform and then integrated into the organization’s HCM, offering powerful reporting of the entire talent acquisition lifecycle.

3 Proven Practices to Stay Ahead

Proven Practice #1: A Strong Employer Brand

Establishing an employer brand is more important than ever as 47 percent of working Americans and 59 percent of millennials feel it’s important that their family and friends recognize the name of the employer.9 Knowing this, modern recruiters take into consideration tactics that highlight their employer brand and company culture.

Hiring software that provides brand consistency throughout every phase of the candidate to employee lifecycle, from job postings and candidate portals to the company website and social accounts, is essential. With iCIMS Recruit and Onboard, both candidates and new hires have a chance to learn about the organization through content and embedded video.

Proven Practice #2: Recruitment Marketing

Up to 86 percent of HR professionals agree that recruitment is becoming more like marketing.10 To keep up with the speed that consumer-minded job seekers expect, modern recruiters have adopted recruitment marketing techniques that quickly attract, engage and nurture talent.

Through the deployment of automated yet personalized email, candidate relationship management (CRM) systems make the process of engaging quality candidates seamless. In addition, CRMs prepare organizations for future hiring needs with diverse talent pools that nurture passive talent until they’re ready to apply.

iCIMS Connect lets users personalize every part of the candidate experience. Its advanced CRM capabilities, including email automation, enable recruiters to create powerful recruitment marketing campaigns that engage passive candidates and result in strong talent pools.

Proven Practice #3: Streamlined Management of Candidate Lifecycle

Many of the interactions applicants have with an organization’s hiring process are technology-driven, making it critical for recruiters to have a strong set of tools they can take with them wherever they go, from the office to recruiting events. Plus, recruiters must have the ability to move quickly through their workflow while ensuring no candidate is left in the dark.

Enabling recruiters to easily engage with candidates throughout the entire lifecycle is made possible through iCIMS Connect. With features for passive candidate management, talent nurturing, and recruitment event management, Connect eliminates the need for a disparate CRM system and streamlines reporting into a single platform of record. As part of the iCIMS Talent Acquisition Suite, Connect empowers organizations to accelerate the hiring process.

With proven practices, the right tools and trusted talent acquisition solutions, modern recruiters find and hire the right top talent faster, staying ahead of the curve in the war for talent.

How iCIMS Can Help

iCIMS is the leading provider of talent acquisition solutions that help businesses win the war for top talent. iCIMS empowers companies to manage their entire hiring process within the industry’s most robust Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS). Built on the foundation of a best-to-market talent acquisition software suite, iCIMS’ PaaS framework, UNIFi, allows employers to expand the capabilities of their core talent acquisition technology by integrating with the largest partner ecosystem in talent acquisition to help them attract, find, screen, and manage candidates. Supporting more than 3,500 contracted customers, iCIMS is one of the largest and fastest-growing talent acquisition solution providers.

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