The 4 Talent Acquisition Necessities

The 4 Talent Acquisition Necessities

According to PwC, 51% of CEO’s are pursuing significant changes to technology.

That’s because the process of finding and acquiring skilled labor to meet a company’s needs has become more complex. Organizations that once relied or currently rely on disparate systems are realizing they can’t compete in the war for top talent when their recruiters can’t make it onto the battlefield due to manual systems that are poorly integrated.

To combat these challenges, we’ve found that there are 4 must-have necessities, all of which require robust talent acquisition technology (ideally, a single platform), that enables hiring managers and recruiters to work efficiently and effectively. Here they are:

Necessity #1: Seamless Automation 

Today’s software should make it easy to find, attract, hire, and onboard the best talent, quickly. This includes strategies to engage candidates—think email marketing campaigns and social recruiting.

iCIMS’ applicant tracking system, Recruit, automates the process of posting available jobs among thousands of job boards. Within Recruit is a tool that lets employees opt into automatic publishing where job posts are shared to their social media profiles at a frequency of their choosing and with no effort after set up. This automates the process of sharing company job openings and expanding reach exponentially.

The job search and hiring experience has become increasingly mobile. 

Candidates appreciate the option to complete the application process from their phones, supported with features like social media apply or Google Drive resume upload.

The iCIMS Hiring Manager App, also within Recruit and featured to the right, gives hiring managers the ability to approve candidates and jobs from their mobile devices, putting the hiring process literally at their fingertips. This results in recruiters experiencing fewer delays, important information being shared sooner, and top talent hired faster.

The average company has 15 corporate policies, procedures, and forms that are required for a new hire to read, review, and sign prior to their first day of work and more than 40 required federal, state, and corporate forms which HR then prints, copies, distributes, and collects for each new hire.Thankfully, massive stacks of paper are becoming a thing of the past—saving office space and trees.

Having an organized onboarding process in place is essential for today’s fast paced world. The ability to transfer data between an applicant tracking system and onboarding software empowers organizations to gather important information before day one, saving time and improving the company’s return on investment.

With iCIMS Onboard, common documents are converted to electronic data collection forms called iForms which mimic existing paper forms. When used with Recruit, the transfer of information to Onboard is perpetual, eliminating the risk of errors, as well as, duplicative data entry.

If an organizations’ talent acquisition strategy and technology are lacking, then delivering a respectable candidate to employee experience is nearly impossible. Here’s the reality, today’s top talent won’t wait for you to upgrade to a best-of-breed hiring solution and may look elsewhere to your competition. Don’t forget—the best talent acquisition solutions should integrate well with your ERP.

Necessity #2: A PaaS Framework

It is difficult, stressful, and time-consuming to use and monitor multiple products with different logins especially when the average business uses 77 applications for HR and 97% of them are not well-integrated.4

Chances are, your company relies on a lot of technologies to meet its talent acquisition needs. Equally overwhelming is the research needed to integrate new talent acquisition solutions that could help your company become more efficient. The need for a comprehensive collection of data and products from the full candidate to employee lifecycle could not be more apparent. Thankfully, talent acquisition strategies have evolved towards the need of a dedicated platform that can track the effectiveness of the entire talent acquisition process.

A Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) framework is obtained by connecting all talent acquisition systems into one unified view. This empowers recruitment leaders to answer their organization’s toughest questions such as the impact of recruiting on the business while also allowing them to identify and hire quality talent faster.

UNIFi is iCIMS’ PaaS framework and fully developed talent acquisition suite that delivers one holistic experience and view. Integrations are facilitated easily to a selection of advanced talent acquisition supporting solutions. These solutions are searchable within iCIMS Marketplace, a one-stop-shop of proven third-party talent acquisition products and providers. Users can then elect to do things like change job boards or double down on investments that are returning great results. Even better, iCIMS talent platform integrates with their customer’s HCM or ERP provider of choice.

Integrated solutions make life easier for recruiters as there’s no longer a need to log in and out of disparate systems multiple times throughout the day. Instead, everything can be managed in one platform that acts as a single system of record.

Necessity #3: Dedicated Support

Dedicated support means everything from companies having an in-house support teamavailable 24x5, a trusted integration team, strategic account management, a community for customersto refer to for all their questions, and guidance for getting started.

It is one thing to choose talent acquisition tools to help you enhance your recruiting strategy, but another to have them work as hoped. To make advanced integrations possible, your primary talent acquisition provider and support team should be the trusted driver. Does your provider have experience with integrations being carried out successfully? Have they shared examples? You want to trust that your provider and dedicated team has what it takes to deliver tools that address the end-to-end hiring lifecycle. How is information stored? Integrations should always make it possible for your systems to talk to one another. If not, run away from it. Far away. The longevity, value, and usefulness of your integration is best met when your provider is scalable, and transparent.

Of course, not every integration will require the same amount of manpower to get up and running. In fact, for providers that have established integrations with other vendors, activating an integration can be rather simple. For iCIMS, our Connectors are key to activating quality integrations within our Talent Acquisition Suite to ensure all recruiting processes run fluidly. When companies integrate their talent acquisition tools they gain a full view of operations and performance.

With all the time and effort (hopefully seamless if you have the other necessities mentioned above) put into finding your new hires, it is important that companies take care of onboarding them as well.



Why spend weeks sourcing, screening, interviewing, and assessing candidates only to leave them hopeless at their desk their first day as an employee? New employees who participated in a structured orientation program were 69% more likely to remain at the company for up to three years.7 Ensure your talent acquisition platform gives you the tools and flexibility to do so such as through a personalized or branded portal, welcome videos from the CEO or manager, and online forms.

Necessity #4: Streamlined Reporting

Successful talent acquisition is powered by insights gained through careful analysis of organization data—both, big data and people analytics. 

Today’s high-performance organizations keep a constant pulse on organizational needs and adjust talent acquisition strategies and goals accordingly. Standard performance metrics were once enough, but today success is also measured by longer-term metrics such as employee retention.

Through data compiled from all talent acquisition systems and by quantifying all TA efforts it is easier for the hiring manager, recruiter, and company to take more meaningful steps that lead to better return on investment. Are you able to measure data across systems? Can you pinpoint your most lucrative sourcing locations? With a robust talent acquisition platform, it should be easy to report and share your findings with coworkers, and prepare for events to come.

iCIMS Recruit allows organizations to easily track important KPI’s in real-time then monitor them, like time-to-fill, EEO compliance, and cost-to-hire. Recruiting metrics can then be easily shared and time is saved with scheduled reports. With iCIMS Connect users can analyze the effectiveness of their recruitment marketing and CRM efforts—reporting on email campaigns, sourcing workflows, talents pools, events, and more.

Arming your team with software that makes reporting a top priority is a great move as metrics and data can help empower smarter decisions. Just think about what you could do by analyzing your organization’s applicant drop off (ADR), your recruiter response times, and your offer acceptance rates. With iCIMS UNIFi, all talent acquisition systems are connected and can be integrated into your HCM or ERP, offering stronger reporting of the entire talent acquisition lifecycle in one platform, with one login, and one holistic view.

From engaging qualified candidates and screening them to extending an offer and then, pre-boarding, the end-goal for hiring managers and recruiters alike is to maintain momentum throughout the talent acquisition process to convert new hires into employees who’ll have a successful and lasting career within the organization. The four necessities above and a robust talent acquisition platform can make all this possible by centralizing your talent technology solutions into one organized workflow, enabling greater efficiency and more actionable insights.

How iCIMS Can Help

iCIMS is the leading provider of talent acquisition solutions that help businesses win the war for top talent. iCIMS empowers companies to manage their entire hiring process within the industry’s most robust Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS). Built on the foundation of a best-to-market talent acquisition software suite, iCIMS’ PaaS framework, UNIFi, allows employers to expand the capabilities of their core talent acquisition technology by integrating with the largest partner ecosystem in talent acquisition to help them attract, find, screen, and manage candidates. Offering scalable, easy-to-use solutions that are backed by award-winning customer service, iCIMS supports more than 3,500 contracted customers and is one of the largest and fastest-growing talent acquisition solution providers.


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