Onboard Benefits

Key Product Benefits

Increased New Hire Productivity: Provide new employees with the ability to hit the ground running on day one with early exposure to important documentation and the opportunity to complete paperwork online.

Enhanced HR Productivity: Provide HR with a direct view into tasks that require completion and bridge the gap between departments involved in the induction process with streamlined access levels. Regain productivity and eliminate paper-based processes.

Improved Employee Engagement: Acclimate new hires to the corporate culture and procedures early through a branded New Hire Onboarding Portal that allows for streamlined communication of company benefits and the business objectives.

Increased Retention Rates: Leverage task management tools that assist in ensuring new recruits are equipped with the tools needed to succeed. Provide a window into your culture, assuring new hires feel they are a part of the larger organisation.

"iCIMS is an amazing software solution for Onboarding and has simplified the administrative nightmare of distributing and collecting new hire documents. We are no longer buried in paperwork. In addition, we have saved $12,000 on shipments and $18,600 on copying and collating. These savings are great and I can be more efficient with my time. Thumbs up!” -Onboarding Specialist, Nuance Communications