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Staffing Software

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Staffing Software

Staffing software is a tool used to acquire staff for an organization through the process of recruitment. Staffing software simplifies the recruiting process by storing all candidate information in one centralized, searchable database.

iCIMS Staffing Software is an easy to use applicant tracking system developed specifically for Staffing Agencies. iCIMS worked side by side with staffing agencies in order to create a process that provides a user-friendly experience for both the recruiters and applicants. The tool is used to ease the recruiting process by storing all candidate information in one centralized, searchable database. Along with a centralized database, iCIMS offers 24/7 customer care availability, job posting promotions, and recruiter productivity metrics with no extra cost. It also provides recruiters with multiple ways for acquiring talent including: a branded career site, social job sharing features, and job page search engine optimization.

Staffing Software can centralize the various types of job placements, while simultaneously complementing internal processes. It can handle high volumes of clients by managing all resumes for recruiters and easily eliminating candidates with screening questions, which can create timed rejection letters.

iCIMS can also efficiently promote job postings, distributing job requisitions among hundreds of social networks. This feature allows you to tap into your contacts’ networks and build genuine relationships with passive candidates. Recruiters can create set processes for candidate tracking and contact managing, while reviewing candidates through social networks. iCIMS Staffing Software redefines recruiter’s communication and multi-client needs system with the most efficient solutions.

iCIMS Staffing Software can improve upon scalability, researching, and an overall experience for recruiters at staffing agencies. Our helpdesk is available 24/7 and account managers that keep track of your products success and efficiency. We strive to be the recruitment leaders for staffing agencies with personalized service members. 

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