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Recruitment Metrics

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Recruitment Metrics

Recruiting metrics are a measurement of the effectiveness of your recruiting process. Leveraging recruiting metrics allows organizations to benchmark how their recruitment process stacks up against the industry averages and make improvements to correct any inefficiencies.

Some examples of recruiting metrics include:

  • Candidate experience
  • Cost of hire
  • Sourcing channel
  • Retention Rate

With a manual recruitment process, gaining insights into your recruiting metrics can be a tall order. For instance, tracking the hire rate of a specific job board can be nearly impossible when an organization tracks its recruitment through either Excel or email.

By leveraging an applicant tracking system (ATS), such as iCIMS Recruit, organizations can get a complete look at how their recruitment process is functioning as a whole. Using these insights, organizations can use data-driven decisions to maximize return on investment and expedite the hiring process. 

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