The Optical Express Group - Case Study

The Optical Express Group was founded in 1991 and is now a Global leader of selected healthcare services. Currently operating in the UK, US, Ireland, Belgium, Croatia, Germany, France and The Netherlands, the Group covers optical stores, refractive laser eye surgery and dental clinics, state-of-the-art medical hospitals and cosmetic treatment centres.

The Challenge

Due to organic growth and acquisition over the past decade, The Optical Express Group has expanded at an exponential rate throughout Europe and the United States. As this steady growth continued, recruiters needed to quickly and efficiently recruit qualified talent to fill an increasing number of open positions around the world. This amplified volume in recruitment soon became too much for Optical Express’ HR technology solution to manage and recruiters were being weighed down by inefficiencies and software limitations. Their basic ATS was forcing recruiters to manage information in multiple, disparate locations including Outlook folders; this made comprehensive reporting and accurate metrics across multiple locations next to impossible to collect.

“It was obvious that our software solution was not the right tool for us,” said Ed Sweeting, Recruitment Manager at The Optical Express Group. “As we continued to expand our portfolio into new territories, our technology was no longer capable of meeting our evolving international recruitment needs.”

The Solution

Optical Express soon realised that they needed a more robust talent management solution to meet their mounting international needs. After evaluating four reputable vendors from across the globe, Optical Express selected the iCIMS Talent Platform. “iCIMS came highly recommended to us,” said Ed. “ Service was our main differentiator and I am confident in the superior service iCIMS provides.” In addition to providing an unparalleled customer experience, iCIMS stood out from the competition because of the Talent Platform’s comprehensive functionality, robust reporting centre and most importantly, international capabilities. The iCIMS Talent Platform offered Optical Express a flexible, highly configurable tool that could be translated into hundreds of languages and power talent management initiatives across the globe. With Multilingual Career Centres, Bilingual Applications and country specific applicant flows, Optical Express was confident in iCIMS’ ability to meet their expansive talent acquisition needs.

The Results

Since implementing the iCIMS Talent Platform, Optical Express recruiters could not be happier with their new found international functionality and flexibility. “iCIMS offers everything a company could want!” said Ed. In addition to multilingual reporting capabilities and country specific applicant flows, Optical Express recruiters enjoy the Talent Platform’s overall ease-of-use and user friendly interface.

With iCIMS’ extensive international functionality, it is easier than ever for Optical Express to recruit from around the world. The Talent Platform’s core technology effectively streamlines Optical Express’ recruitment initiatives amongst its various international locations, helping to ensure that recruiters are strategically aligning their daily processes with overarching organisational goals. Implementing Career Portals in five different languages, iCIMS helps Optical Express attract qualified talent from around the world in their native language. “With its highly flexible Talent Platform, iCIMS is prepared to take the international market with great gusto!” exclaimed Ed.