Demandware first introduced its innovative, enterprise-class cloud commerce platform in 2004 and continues to set the standard for omni-channel commerce solutions. Today, they power more than 200 retail brands across more than 800 sites around the globe.

The Challenge

After Demandware’s previous applicant tracking system (ATS) was acquired by another company, the system was functionally unusable and customer support did not exist. “Getting help from anyone was very challenging,” Jeff Sa, Demandware’s Director of Talent Acquistion, explains. “The system’s user interface was cumbersome and confusing, it was challenging to accomplish anything so our team was hardly using it.” Demandware decided to reevaluate its talent acquisition software and performed an extensive search to compare various providers. They needed an intuitive candidate management solution that was user-friendly. They also required a solution that would source top talent quickly and effectively, and provide great customer support. Another challenge Demandware faced was an extreme war for talent and a skills gap, Sa explained, “The technology market is extremely hot right now. To get the top talent, you have to be a great employer with an effective recruiting process.”

The Solution

After evaluating a variety of providers, Demandware chose the iCIMS Talent Platform to handle all of their recruiting challenges. By leveraging iCIMS Talent Platform, Demandware was able to automate and streamline their recruitment processes as well as simultaneously streamline all reports, documentation, and other compliance information within one centralized location. The iCIMS Talent Platform has helped with the entering and tracking of referrals, which is a key component of Demandware’s recruitment strategy. “They system is really useful and effective for tracking candidates in the system and sending automated responses which have been huge time savers for the team,” Sa explained. Implementing iCIMS has also helped Demandware showcase their employer brand to their candidates. Sa explained, “iCIMS has really helped us provide a great candidate experience. As a technology company, it sends a strong message that we can send everything over to our candidates with links to important information such as background checks, iForms, etc. This is a huge improvement for our candidate experience, saving them time instead of printing, mailing, or faxing this information.”

The Results

For advice to other companies looking to implement iCIMS, Sa suggests not trying to do everything at once. “When we went live with iCIMS, we were using the majority of the functionality but once a month the team would learn and use another piece of the system.” By going in stages Demandware’s team was able to learn how to use the system correctly and appropriately, resulting in quick adoption. Sa’s team is extremely pleased with the system and the support they receive, saying, “Our iCIMS implementation process was very easy and the reps were great to work with. iCIMS provided the smoothest and most seamless implementation I’ve ever experienced from a software provider.” Furthermore, utilizing iCIMS powerful iForms engine, Demandware has made the first steps to become completely paperless, which has eliminated the time and costs associated with paper forms. These forms are also fully searchable and reportable, allowing management to measure real-time metrics across the company’s multiple departments, locations, and business units. Sa explains, “iCIMS really helps us demonstrate how we are doing to the rest of our company. In fact, since implementing iCIMS, we have passed every audit with flying colors.”