A. Marketplace. By entering into a Developer Agreement with iCIMS and further submitting a request to be included in iCIMS’s Marketplace pursuant to functionality made available therein, the Partner agrees and acknowledges that iCIMS may at its sole discretion include the Partner in iCIMS’ Marketplace.

B. Publicity. Partner is required to have received iCIMS’s written approval of a Non-Standard or Standard designation prior to representing or otherwise holding Partner out as having completed an integration with iCIMS.

C. Partner Marks and Information. The Partner will be required to provide and maintain the accuracy of the following information and content in systems made available to Partner by iCIMS:

i. Product Title

ii. Initial Availability Date

iii. Selected Category (ies)

iv. Partner Name

v. List Prices (if applicable)

vi. Product description

vii. Icon

viii. Logo or banner images

ix. Any other information related to the Integration that iCIMS requires i.e. any metadata, graphics, artwork, images, trademarks, trade names, logos and other descriptive or identifying information and materials associated with your company or a particular Integration that you desire to appear.

D. Ratings & Reviews. iCIMS may allow the Partner to post reviews of Integrations in iCIMS’ Marketplace. Any review by the Partner of an Integration shall be made in good faith after reasonable evaluation of the Integration. All reviews must comply with iCIMS’s standards, and iCIMS, in its sole discretion, may remove reviews or block reviewers at our sole discretion.  All such reviews shall be treated as User Contributions under iCIMS’s Terms of Use ( and Privacy Policy (

E. Analytics. Partner acknowledges and agrees that, as part of providing the Integration, iCIMS may collect and use benchmarking, transactional, or performance information or data provided to or collected by iCIMS in connection with providing the Integration and/or the iCIMS’ Marketplace and/or by the iCIMS servers making available the Integration and/or iCIMS’ Marketplace, including traffic, traffic patterns, activity, activity patterns, page impressions, field and record counts or types, and similar analytics that may be conducted on the Integration, the iCIMS’ Marketplace, Partner Services, Users, or any Data (collectively, “Server Information”). All Server Information is deemed to be iCIMS’s Property and iCIMS’s Confidential Information. For clarity iCIMS shall ensure any analytics produced therefrom do not contain Personal Information other than identifying the applicable Partner.

Program Guide 01JULY2018

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