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Find and connect with talent in a whole new way. iCIMS Candidate Experience Management (CXM) is a new kind of CRM that combines behavior-based marketing automation with AI insights.


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Increase in hires-per-recruiter for Specsavers using marketing automation1


Email open rate for Mott MacDonald after starting hyper-personalized campaigns1


Increase in applications for Mercy Health since implementing iCIMS1

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Find, connect with and convert talent in a whole new way.

We don’t know where we are going to hire somebody. We hire the best qualified candidate whether we find them in Philadelphia, Palo Alto or Germany. With iCIMS we are able to target where the best candidate pool is.

HR Operations manager,

Jazz Pharmaceuticals


A CRM is designed to engage talent. It does so by helping talent acquisition teams build and manage talent pipelines in an organized way. A recruiting CRM is similar to a customer relationship management system, except its features are built specifically to manage the nuances of talent acquisition. iCIMS CXM builds upon traditional recruiting CRMs by adding AI-powered talent matching, engagement scoring and marketing automation features.  

Whereas a CRM helps build and manage talent pipelines, an ATS helps recruiting teams manage the hiring process from start to finish. Put another way, a CRM helps you get interested job seekers to apply when the time is right. An ATS then helps you manage applications until you’re ready to make an offer. In the simplest terms, a CRM manages talent nurturing and an ATS manages requisitions, applications and interviews. Although they serve different purposes, CRM and ATS software are best when used together. 

A traditional CRM provides recruiting teams with an organized way to build relationships with talent over time. A CRM can significantly reduce your time-to-fill and sourcing costs because recruiters have an existing pipeline of hireready talent to pull from. iCIMS CXM builds on this technology in several key ways, including AI-powered talent matching, engagement scoring and marketing automation features. 

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1. These statistics are from iCIMS Marketing Automation customers. iCIMS CXM utilizes the same campaign and engagement scoring functionality from iCIMS Marketing Automation.
2. This statistic is from an iCIMS CRM customer. iCIMS CXM includes all the same functionality, plus marketing automation technology.