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The Candidate Experience Playbook
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Monday, Jan 27, 2014
The Candidate Experience Playbook

The War for Talent is going to have winners and losers, and we all want to hire a winning team. In such a competitive environment, an outstanding employment brand is required to attract the best and brightest. While most talent acquisition professionals know in theory that a company’s employment brand is key, few really analyze the candidate experience as the most important element of your brand.

Here’s what you need to know: 46% of candidates rate their candidate experience applying for jobs as poor to very poor.And worse, 64% said that they share information about their candidate experience via social media. With this in mind, you definitely want your company to be perceived as candidate-friendly.

Just a few negative candidate reviews can dissuade candidates from applying to your company. Even if you have more positive feedback than negative, critical reviews tend to stick in candidates’ minds longer than good reviews. And make no mistake - critical reviews are being spread far and wide with the help of social media.