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Your Small Business Is the Perfect Match for Top Talent
Wednesday, Oct 01, 2014

When it comes to hiring and recruiting, small businesses have many challenges.  In order for any company to be successful, having the right people in place is a key factor.  Recruiting is important at any firm, but it is even more critical at start-ups and small businesses as they struggle to maximize return on staffing investments.  With having hundreds or thousands of employees, it’s easy to get by with a few C-players.  Small businesses, however, are too lean to tolerate sub-par performers.  Every hire counts, because a single bad hire can cause incredible damage.

iCIMS conducted a survey on the most attractive aspects of company culture. We discovered that the most attractive aspects of a company's culture are unique and almost exclusively available in a start-up or small business. In this infographic, learn how to broadcast the advantages of working for your company without breaking the bank!