Best Practices for Recruitment Success in 2016

Best Practices for Recruitment Success in 2016

Written By

iCIMS Staff


Monday, Jan 04, 2016


Incorporate these best practices for recruitment success in 2016 to ensure you are hiring the very best talent!

Make Providing a Great Candidate Experience a Priority

o   Create a personalized experience and simplify the application process to a maximum of 20 minutes.  Also allow candidates to            apply through their social media profiles. 

Develop a Personal Relationship with Your Hiring Managers

o   Involve hiring managers in the selection process and receive regular feedback to determine what improvements can be made. 

Automate Your Recruiting Process

o   Consider how you can streamline processes and save time in your day. 

Realize That You Need a Mobile Recruiting Strategy

o   Ensure that your company websites are mobile-optimized to increase brand appeal, support effectiveness of recruitment                  marketing investments, and improve search rankings and candidate experience.

Develop and Communicate Your Employment Brand

o   Adopt marketing techniques to attract top talent and create a consistent branding experience from your website to your career      portal. 

Invite Passive Candidates to Join Talent Pools

o   Talent pools allow companies to group passive candidates by interest, and target these audiences with recruitment campaigns. 

Use Communication and Scheduling Tools

o   Automate the process and cut hours down to minutes using one system that can handle all of your communication and                      scheduling needs.

Make Critical Recruiting and Hiring Decisions by Tracking Metrics

o   Track key performance indicators (KPIs) to improve your productivity and bottom line.