How to Win Tech Talent

How to Win Tech Talent

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iCIMS Staff


Tuesday, Oct 08, 2019


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There are few, if any, organizations not currently undergoing a transformation and aggressively looking for new talent with the technology skills to lead the way. From financial companies using data and AI to lower healthcare costs, to old-line auto manufacturers seeking to deliver autonomous vehicles and cars-as-a-service, the future will be won by organizations with the best tech talent.

To provide companies and specifically CIOs with a practical guide to hiring talent, iCIMS analyzed more than 25 million technology applicants over the last three and half years. We found:

1. Companies face a huge technology talent deficit, hiring only 60% of their required tech talent in the U.S.

2. It now takes 50% longer to hire for a tech role than for all other types of roles.

3. While demand is outstripping the supply of candidates by nearly 50%, there’s no shortage of applicants. The problem is attracting qualified candidates.

4. To mitigate the tech talent shortage, invest in technical training for current employees, reward employee referrals, and nurture talent pools of targeted candidates.

5. To source talent, look at where the tech candidates are located versus where you have locations. Go beyond Silicon Valley and New York, and include the Detroit, D.C.-Virginia-Baltimore, Madison and Salt Lake City metro areas because they have high concentrations of tech talent.

6. To engage candidates effectively, provide mobile-optimized career portals and job applications, and use text messaging rather than email.

7. Optimize career sites and job descriptions for Google, the fast-growing source of high-quality candidates.

Download the 2019 iCIMS Benchmark Report on Hiring Tech Talent to learn more about how to find and hire qualified talent.