Guide: Should You Break Up with Your Technology?

Guide: Should You Break Up with Your Technology?

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iCIMS Staff


Tuesday, Oct 28, 2014


Recruiting Tips
B2C technology trends in social media, mobile, and video have caused disruption in the talent acquisition market. Simply stated, the channels candidates now use to find out about jobs and apply for them have changed. These technology trends have put HR professionals in a place where they need to make a critical choice: select innovative solutions that can be integrated or go down the path of an ERP-based HR module or full suite HRIS.
While consolidation can sometimes be a good thing, recruiting tasks can be extremely specific in nature; therefore, recruiting technology should be built to make a recruiter’s job easier so that they can find and hire the best candidates efficiently. Considering the importance of talent acquisition efforts toward the company’s success, recruiters need dedicated technology tools to expand your organization’s employment brand reach and connect with best-fit talent quickly.
This eBook maps out five steps you should take to build a business case to switch talent acquisition technology providers.