U.S. Hiring Trends: Q1 2016

Tuesday, Jun 14, 2016
U.S. Hiring Trends: Q1 2016
Job growth alone does not tell the full story of today’s labor market. There is an ongoing conversation about the nature and quality of the jobs that the U.S. economy is creating. While concerns about job security have been rising for many years, more fundamental concerns have recently emerged, such as whether enough full-time jobs are being created.
Data from iCIMS’ system for tracking job applicants indicates that while job growth remains strong, full-time positions are not outpacing the creation of part-time and contractor work enough to meaningfully increase their share of total jobs created. Furthermore, iCIMS system data appears to be consistent with an increased desire to seek internships as a first step to finding a job. This raises some new questions about today’s labor market, especially for entry-level candidates. For anyone trying to find their way to a great job, or even a good one, it is important to consider not only alternative types of employment, but alternative locations. With that in mind, this report also provides indicators of which U.S. cities are seeing the most rapid growth in jobs.



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