Why Your Company Needs an Employee Mentoring Program

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Wednesday, Aug 10, 2016
Why Your Company Needs an Employee Mentoring Program

Throughout our lives, there are certain individuals who we look to for guidance to show us the proper way of doing things, and to serve as an example to model ourselves after to achieve success. In the world of business, this involves more senior-level employees acting as mentors to those who are less-experienced, helping them to develop their skills and learn the ropes of the organization to ensure continuous development and positive performance. However, as 50 percent of employees report insufficient career development training from their employers and only 34 percent of companies focus on developing and retaining current employees, creating an employee mentoring program should be of the utmost importance for any business looking to be successful.

Maximize Potential

Perhaps the most important reason for incorporating an employee mentoring program is to ensure that your employees grow and succeed while at the company. As 89 percent of employees feel that it’s important that businesses support their learning and development, assigning a top-performing employee to teach new skills and provide ongoing feedback and nurturing is crucial to the overall performance of the organization. By having a mentor outline the key skills needed for the employee’s role, set ongoing goals for development, and reward successful performance outcomes, companies can help to maximize the potential of their employees to yield positive business results.

Ensure Employees are Happy

Employee mentoring programs also help to increase engagement and retention in the workplace, which is a common problem for many businesses. As a Gallup study finds that almost half of all employees are not engaged, developing programs that show employees you are invested in them will come back in the form of increased performance and employee satisfaction. Additionally, as employees who are engaged and happy are 59 percent less likely to look for a new job, assigning a workplace mentor will also help to alleviate the costly and complex issue of employee retention that many organizations struggle to deal with.

Grow Together

One unique way that an employee mentoring program can be beneficial to a business is to help more experienced employees see things from new perspectives and approach challenges differently after many years in the field. For example, a millennial employee can introduce their mentor to a new software program that can save the company thousands of dollars, or they may know an SEO trick to give the company a leg-up on their competition. By pairing new hires with your company’s industry veterans, you can help to breathe new life into your organization by incorporating new ideas, viewpoints, and processes into the mix to aid in the overall improvement of the business.

By creating company-wide mentoring programs to nurture and grow your employees, and recognizing the importance and need for constant development and improvement in all areas of the business, organizations can ensure they are on the fast track to improved employee engagement and retention, and increased growth and profitability for years to come.