Why Hiring New Employees with Military Experience is a Great Opportunity for Your Business

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Monday, May 02, 2016
Why Hiring New Employees with Military Experience is a Great Opportunity for Your Business

It may not seem obvious at first, but military experience in an applicant can be extremely rewarding to your business organization. With thorough experience in teamwork, leadership, respect, integrity, and much more, veterans can bring a new perspective to your workplace. But according to Military.com, up to two-thirds of surveyed new veterans admitted to facing troubles with the transition into civilian jobs. But this doesn’t have to be the case. Many quick assumptions can be made about candidates with military experience. Too often do people acquaint a history of military service with the wrong facets. And in doing so, it can also be too easy to overlook the important factors that go into training skilled and utilitarian soldiers.


The United States military, whether it be the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, National Guard, or Coast Guard, highly emphasizes teamwork, leadership, respect, and other key traits within an individual’s distinct role. The individuals who embody these attributes and reach beyond them leave their military careers as officers, and more often than not, leave roles that held them accountable for confidential and top secret information, alongside millions of dollars in equipment. Finding a way to translate these responsibilities into the contemporary workforce can be difficult to see at first, but there are many recruiting firms focused on assisting in the transition.  


One example of such a company, is Cameron-Brooks, a 45-year-old military recruiting firm that’s aimed at helping Junior Military Officers (JMOs) transition from their military careers and into successful business careers. While firms like Cameron-Brooks solely focus on JMOs, there are countless other military recruiting firms, such as Orion, Lucas Group, and Bradley-Morris, INC., that serve to help veterans of all ranks find their paths outside of the military.


But to further use Cameron-Brooks as an example, their focus of working closely with soldiers exiting the military, including training and supporting them throughout the transition, allows their candidates to bring a versatile and relative set of skills to the workforce from a seemingly unconventional background. From resume building to interview preparation, the firm works closely and steadily with candidates to help prepare them for interviews and the roles they’ll take on in their lives after service. 


Programs such as this are focused on veterans now in the job hunt, but also on the hiring managers and businesses they help candidates connect with, as they work meticulously to ensure each candidate is nothing short of exceptional. These firms offer a lot to workplaces and businesses looking for accountable and responsible new employees to join their teams. Their success in consistently delivering the right candidates can be attributed not only to their decades of experience, but also to the high focus on the illumination of the key traits that make veterans successful in their military careers.


The translation of leadership roles requiring teamwork, respect for procedures, integrity, and working under high amounts of pressure, allows for businesses to visualize the benefits of hiring and onboarding a veteran.  Between the many experiences attained through a military career and the help of catalyst-type recruiting firms that help veterans prepare for entering the working world, there’s truly a great amount for companies to earn from hiring candidates with military experience.