Top 3 Tips and Strategies to Lower Hiring Costs

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Friday, Feb 13, 2015
Top 3 Tips and Strategies to Lower Hiring Costs

Hiring is costly, but without a proper hiring strategy, hiring the wrong person is even more costly. In the past, an employer who wanted to hire top new grad jobs talent would need to locate those individuals (sometimes visiting colleges on-site), then they would have to screen resumes, interview candidates, and finally make an offer. If they were lucky, their preferred candidate would not have gotten scooped up by a competitor during that lengthy process. Wouldn’t it be great to find ways to minimize the costs while reducing the time it takes to make a good entry level job hire? 

Be sure to use these 3 hiring tips to save time and money:

1. Use a Job Board for Your Target Demographic

Sites like eliminate the need for employers to travel to multiple universities and colleges seeking out good candidates. Instead, those graduates will come to them via an employment board geared towards entry level candidates. When employers pick a plan that fits their budget, they have access to many different candidates in a variety of fields, all over the United States without trekking across borders and incurring travel expenses.

2. Locate and Qualify Candidates From Other Areas

If your company hasn’t made use of social media for hiring, then you are behind the times. You can get a good view of a candidate’s interests and technical skills online by searching online profiles. Some sites will link these profiles into their job board, too.

3. Make Use of Screening Software

Your Human Resources department can make use of an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) in-house to help find good matches for your company. In some cases, it can send out pre-screening interviews and grade them to keep costs associated with human interaction down. Or, it can just help you schedule interviews and keep track of the hiring process.