‘Tis the Season to Connect

Recruiting Tips
Friday, Dec 23, 2016
‘Tis the Season to Connect

Historically, the holiday season in the recruiting world is deemed a stagnant period, brimming with indulgent treats and the echoes of empty offices. Budgets are being maneuvered as the quarter comes to a close and financial planning is launching for the subsequent year. It’s not exactly the time of year where people are thought to be the most productive.

Rather than maintaining the status quo, consider reframing that mindset. Utilize this time to capitalize on the industry lull, and close out the year strong. Tap into your talent pools and re-engage with your candidates, but with an alternative approach. Cultivate your relationships in a sincere way, using this time of year as a platform for sharing a seasonal sentiment.

Recruitment tends to slow during December, freeing up busy schedules and allowing recruiters and companies to increase visibility with typically inaccessible candidates. Connect with candidates, especially those passive candidates who are fully employed and consistently unavailable – chances are things have slowed down for them this month and they may be more open to hearing from you.

Here are four ways you can use a recruitment marketing automation tool to streamline this process and track your engagement with candidates.

Send Updates

You can differentiate yourself from the pack by offering more than just job postings in your outreach by sharing company updates and key highlights from this year.  Showcase what’s new and exciting at your company and help them envision themselves working there with photos. This will leave a much larger impression than a few job listings.

These communications can take on several forms, including articles, posts on social media, email content or even a little gift. The aim is to sidestep your standard business approach and touch your candidate’s heart – sharing inspirational photos, holiday experiences, or even just saying Happy Holidays and Happy New Year. Going the extra mile to subtly reposition your company in the forefront of their minds serves as a gentle reminder without pushing too hard.

Host an Event

What better way to sell your company culture, than invite candidates to meet and mingle with colleagues in their company setting? Give them a taste of how it is working for your brand. Invest the time in a short networking event, where prospects can spend time interacting with actual employees, and allow current employees to network and recruit on your behalf.   

Be Social

 Share photos from the company party, holiday potluck lunches and differentiators that can be posted on your company’s social media outlets. With the decline of the usual social noise coming from recruiters, the holiday months are a great time to reach a larger audience. Engaging these individuals on your social platforms help nurture that relationship during a time of year most candidates are not focused on finding a new job.

Give Back

This is the season of giving, so why not be creative and send your candidates some holiday cheer. Regardless of which holidays your candidates may celebrate, sending a e-card or small edible token of your appreciation is a way to stand out from the crowd.

Remember, it’s more than just the holiday season. Make this the season to remember, and connect with your candidates, making the most of the December doldrums. Increase your talent pool by engaging with new candidates, reengaging passive candidates, and fill your pipeline to hit the ground running in the new year.

The recruiting process can sometimes be lengthy. Developing and nurturing a relationship over time can truly impact the candidate experience and ultimately determine if he/she decides to start a career journey with your company. Remember that not all touch points translate into an immediate conversion. Therefore, as a recruiter, who is usually the first point of contact and the representation of your organization, it is important that you invest in your candidates and prospects, making it a memorable experience by spreading the cheer.