Three Ways That Talent Pools Help Your Company Sustain Success

Recruiting Tips
Tuesday, May 24, 2016
Three Ways That Talent Pools Help Your Company Sustain Success

Recruiters are becoming like marketers, recognizing that attracting best-fit talent is becoming a vital piece of the equation for thriving businesses. A proactive approach to recruiting could be the difference between attracting a mismatch or a productive new hire to your organization. Utilizing talent pools is the most effective way to ensure that your business has a steady, continuous flow of qualified candidates being streamlined through your talent pipeline.

By using a marketing automation tool, recruiters can build talent pipelines of viable candidates and develop their interest in the company with communication campaigns that convey your employment brand. This will help nurture passive candidates into actively applying for an open position. Talent pools are a simple, effective way to help support strategic initiatives and stockpile a collective database of go-to candidates that have proven to align with your company’s culture and mission. Listed below are three ways in which building talent pools are a valuable endeavor for your company.

1.       Accessibility

One of the many advantages of building talent pools is the easy access. By streamlining the recruitment marketing process and dipping into your pool, you’re immediately engaged with a list of qualified candidates who may be a potential match for an open position. On average, employers can receive anywhere between 75 -250 applications per job posting, and it can be a daunting task to revert back to initial screening for every open position. A talent pool helps to drive and maintain momentum throughout the hiring process and produces a quicker ROI because they help fill positions faster.

2.       Segmentation

Building talent pools affords you the flexibility of funneling in potential candidates and segmenting them to the areas they’d most likely succeed. Once you’ve grouped candidates together, based on areas like education level, work experience, skills etc., you can continue to engage with them through automated communications. By leveraging your employment brand and technology, you can maintain a constant pool of warm candidates, shortening your time-to-fill and cost-to-fill metrics. Adopting a recruitment marketing tool can ease this burden and automate email campaigns, newsletters and company updates to keep candidates excited about your brand.

3.       Relationship Management

When it comes to engaging with candidates, timing is everything. When a company adopts a CRM tool, they begin a relationship with top-tier talent even before they’re ready to apply for a position. Candidates have the option of sharing professional details of their social media profiles and in turn receive alerts for pertinent careers paths that become available. There’s almost always a disconnect between the perfect candidate and the right opportunity, but a fostering a relationship with them using a CRM tool allows you to forecast your talent pipeline of the future.

Successful companies are either currently expanding or expecting it on the horizon, and using recruitment marketing techniques will help nurture your talent pools into hires. Once you have a recruitment marketing strategy in place, your organization will improve upon what is arguably the most important asset of any successful business model – its people.

To learn more on how to use talent pools to connect with your future workforce, check out this infographic.