Social Recruiting Tips: How to Recruit on LinkedIn Effectively

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Tuesday, Oct 18, 2016
Social Recruiting Tips: How to Recruit on LinkedIn Effectively

You will never get a second chance at a first impression, and because recruiters spend their days trying to connect with the next great hire, their social media personas speak volumes about them and their company. Sure, tools like social recruitment technology exist to help rev up social media efforts and easily connect with more candidates, but there are alternative ways to bolster your efforts.

LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional network and the most frequently used social media site for recruiting. Most recruiters use the platform to vet candidates, which means it’s used early and often as an important screening tool. Listed below are several tips to effectively recruit on LinkedIn.

Spruce Up Your Social Profile

Your profile is extremely important to this process because it mirrors your image and the company you represent. It begins with appearances, so it’s critical that your profile picture demonstrates you in a professional and approachable manner. Too casual and candidates may perceive you as hasty and unprofessional, too formal and you run the risk of appearing stiff and intimidating. Next, your header allows for just 120 characters to spare, so you must prevent from being too self-centric here. Instead, reflect your objective or the types of positions you’re recruiting for in a compact statement. Finally, you can top things off with a brief summary, or bio, that highlights your career and your current objectives to offer potential candidates further insight.

Advance Your Search

LinkedIn is a powerful tool, so it stands to figure that it’s advanced search functionality allows recruiters to search for a variety of keywords, locations, and current job titles to seek out potential candidates. It’s worth the time it takes to refine your search parameters so that you’re presented with smaller groups of qualified leads as opposed to larger returns with less comprehensive searches. Once you’ve got these in place, you can save the search settings and LinkedIn will run a daily search with emailed results so that you can take action when qualified candidates enter the pool.

Strongly Connect

It’s important to maintain and build upon a strong network of industry connections, including former or trusted colleagues. Remember, this is much more impactful that just having a ‘large’ network, because connecting with candidates without prior or existing relationships makes for a weak impression that is neither beneficial nor engaging. Once your network begins to grow, you can engage with them by sending messages direct to their InMail, liking their updates, or automated job postings that might attract their attention. Strong LinkedIn connections could become your best future employees or the perfect referral channel, especially considering that nearly half all of companies reported social professional networks as their top source of quality hires.

The war for talent is in full force and you’re on the frontlines. Refining your approach with these tips can help enhance your exposure and aid the efforts of your recruitment marketing tool, allowing you to take full advantage of LinkedIn’s platform and attract best-fit talent.