Recruiting Puts On its Black Friday Game Face

Recruiting Tips
Monday, Nov 07, 2016
Recruiting Puts On its Black Friday Game Face

Imagine a world where you could easily hire the perfect candidate for any open position. Unfortunately, it is not always that easy, but there are plenty of methods to take advantage of when competing for great talent, especially with holiday hiring on the rise. As the end of the year approaches and consumers gear up for Black Friday shopping, it may not be too farfetched to say that recruiters battling for great talent could be compared to shoppers battling for the best gifts. In both cases, you need to take a strategic approach and be determined to get what you came for. Get your game face on and follow these four tips to beat the competition for talent!

Target Your Audience

Following their Thanksgiving meals, thousands of determined shoppers will line the streets of local malls for the biggest sales of the year. An effective trip means strategizing a plan to get to the top stores and gain access to as many deals as possible before items sell out. This same strategic planning is required when identifying a specific talent pool and ensuring that every move is targeted toward that group. Just like certain stores tend to pull in unique crowds looking for a specific style, it is important to understand what candidates want to see in an employer, then pivot a recruitment marketing strategy to showcase strengths. Determine where recruitment dollars will be best spent by thinking about where candidates look for jobs such as industry-specific job boards, university career portals, or large networking events. Being surrounded by thousands of great sales may be distracting, but keeping your eye on the prize will lead you to the perfect purchase.

Send the Right Message

Have you ever been excited over a huge sale and arrived at the store just to find out there was a catch? You want to be direct with your approach to finding the best employees with communication that is consistent across all channels. All messages sent through an employer brand should reflect back on the company’s vision and values to attract the right candidates. A consistent chain of interrelated hashtags or phrases will reflect negatively on the organization’s character and bring in compatible candidates to apply. For example, if you utilize the hashtag “#GrowWithUs” for social media campaigns, it is expected that the theme of self-development and growth is also present throughout your career site and job advertisements. The right message will provide a clear vision of the company and attract great talent in a creative way.

Pair Up with Technology

Some smart consumers are already planning to skip the crowds and shop online for even better Cyber Monday deals. Technology is changing the game for both consumers and consumer minded candidates, who now expect instant updates about new jobs to their mobile devices and immediate feedback on their interview process. Along with mobile capability, leveraging recruitment marketing on social platforms allows your recruiting team to access a wider talent pool. Forty-three percent of companies reported that social professional networks were their top source of quality hires. A great recruitment message paired with a streamlined application process that allows applicants to prepopulate information from LinkedIn or Facebook will resonate with today’s job seekers and help prevent the drop off that can result from a tedious application process.

Utilizing video technology is also a game changer. Recruitment videos provide applicants with a clear look into the company through engaging and interactive content. Ninety percent of job seekers find the employer perspective useful when learning about jobs and companies, so it may be a good idea to include testimonials or footage from employee events. Virtual interviews are also being used to screen for specific qualities not found on the resume. Many companies are using video to add a layer to the recruitment process by asking applicants to submit a video cover letter that showcases their unique personality and separates those who are a true culture fit.

Make Sure You Have Options

Maintaining a relationship with passive candidates can result in the best finds when a job opening occurs. Just as you may bring multiple items into the dressing room to broaden your options, filling a job is a lot easier when you have a ready pool of qualified talent to tap into. This is an opportunity to handpick dream candidates and show them that you want them by reaching out with personal communications all the way down to the one-on-one level. Use attention grabbing subject lines in emails and be sure to include a call to action that encourages candidates to check out the company career site or “learn more”. Building positive candidate communication with specific talent pools through automated emails that share company information and new opportunities will nurture these relationships and allow for a ready group of talented individuals at your fingertips.

Know who your dream candidates are, where they are looking and stay one step ahead of the game this season. Want to further expand your recruitment marketing approach? Take a look at our Social Recruiting Tips: How to Recruit on LinkedIn Effectively.