R.I.N.G in the New Year with a New Approach to Hiring for 2017

Recruiting Tips
Tuesday, Dec 20, 2016
R.I.N.G in the New Year with a New Approach to Hiring for 2017

Similar to Sandra Bullock’s Miss Congeniality persona Gracie Lou Freebush and her famous talent show acronym “S.I.N.G.” (where she taught a room of pageant show spectators how to defend ones’ self against attackers), 2017 offers recruiters their very own “safe word” to tackle recruitment marketing efforts in the new year. But instead of Freebush’s unconventional brute force tactics, recruiters can look forward to being able to “R.I.N.G.” in the new year with these four gentle tips on how to approach new year hiring.

R: Recruit Freelancers: Don’t worry about the gig economy taking away from your full-time hires. Instead, embrace the trend. Take advantage of the gig economy by hiring someone for one specific project you might need help with, whether it be a videographer, analyst, or event planner, to come in, work the project. There’s no need to plan for increased headcount or office space; just set the project details and look for a special person to fill the gap quickly and effectively. According to Intuit, “the Freelancer's Union predict that at least 40 percent of the workforce will be freelancers in the next few years”. These freelancers are teaming up with full-time employees to work on projects together. Blending full-time workers with contracted workers allows companies to invest in the best fit for the job – regardless of the size or timeframe. Thus, allowing recruiters to do their job: recruit top talent (without restrictions). Further, given “[t]he average tenure for employees, regardless of age is a mere 4.6 years…[and] millennials leave after two years” it might be better for your company’s pocket to recruit top talent that already has a set contract time.

IImprove Employee Flexibility: In 2016 the conversation was sparked, but 2017 will require companies to level-up. Not only will contracts be flexible with freelancers, but schedules are becoming increasingly more flexible as employers begin to realize that telecommuting is successful and workers are more productive when they can modify their schedules. Companies who implement flexible working hours and options are able to reduce absenteeism and promote wellness programs. As Forbes contributor, Dan Schawbel said, “Companies realize that workplace stress is the biggest health issue that employees face so they invest in creating a more relaxing and healthier environment for them”. This realization leads to happier, healthier employees who tend to stick around.

N: Negotiate New Talent: Generation Z will start to enter the workforce in 2017. Not only does this bring new talent, but also new perspectives and expectations. Generation Z will expect to have a work/life balance, flexible work schedules, perks at work, benefits packages, and mentors. This generation needs to feel valued, after all, they are the generation that amplified selfies and consequently exploded social media usage. With all this tech talent, look out for these new hires to have highly sophisticated media and computer skills. Hone-in on this opportunity to revamp, improve, and expand upon your technology and marketing departments. Further, make sure to post jobs and source for candidates on LinkedIn. LinkedIn allows candidates to narrow their job search by values, core skills, and other preferences. Many potential candidates use LinkedIn as their main job sourcing tool.

G: Generate Better Benefits Packages and Perks: Recruiters need to work with their HR departments to improve upon benefits packages in order to attract top talent. Currently, many companies are surveying their present employees and researching popular trends within their industry in order to advance their existing packages. Meanwhile, job seekers in 2017 will be searching for those companies who not only offer competitive pay, but also competitive perks and benefits packages. One trend particularity exciting new hires is tuition reimbursement opportunities. Companies who invest in tuition reimbursement are more likely to earn their money back, promote within, and reduce turnover. Can you say “win-win”?

Recruiters gearing up for hiring in 2017 do not need an entire talent show performance like Gracie Lou; instead, all they need to do is remember to “R.I.N.G” in the new year with new initiatives and techniques to help attract the best talent in 2017.