Mobile Recruiting Tips You Should Implement Today

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Thursday, Oct 06, 2016
Mobile Recruiting Tips You Should Implement Today

The use of mobile technology has been a game changer in talent acquisition and has permanently altered the way employers and job seekers interact. Tablets and smartphones are quickly becoming the preferred tools of choice to research companies and apply for positions, and the days of printed resumes and cover letters are fading fast. It is imperative for businesses to have mobile recruiting strategies in place if they wish to attract the best talent and remain competitive in their industry.  

Be Consistent and Efficient

Making sure your corporate and career websites are mobile-optimized is one of the most important mobile recruiting strategies to promote a positive employment brand, drive website traffic, and boost application rates. According to research from Glassdoor, one in four candidates would skip applying for a job if a company’s career site is not mobile-optimized, so be sure to provide a consistent viewing experience whether on a laptop, tablet, or smartphone. Once mobile job seekers decide to apply for a position, ensure a streamlined application process by allowing them to directly apply with their LinkedIn or Facebook profile, and be sure to limit the number of screening questions to avoid candidate drop-off. Also allow quick resume uploads from cloud-based services such as Google Drive or Dropbox to enhance the application experience.

Make It Easy on Your Recruiters

While attending career fairs and community events, recruiters can use mobile kiosks to quickly connect with job seekers and passive candidates using a tablet and QR codes to build talent pools and find desired talent. Aside from eliminating the cumbersome stacks of paper resumes to bring back to the office and unnecessary manual data entry, implementing this strategy will also enhance employment brand by using cutting-edge technologies. An additional tip to incorporate into your mobile kiosks is to develop career portals specific to the event, which adds a personal touch for attendees and sets your company apart from other businesses.

Expedite the Internal Review Process

Using mobile to expedite your internal candidate review process is another recruiting tip that businesses can use to save time and make hires faster. Employing a mobile hiring manager app for tablets and smartphones can help key decision makers that are on-the-go to improve review and approval times to help reduce time-to-fill metrics. Additionally, as iCIMS found that 30 percent of companies spend 31 to 60 days filling a position, and as the saying goes, time is money, this is also a great way for businesses to improve their cost-per-hire, which is currently at $4,129, according to recent research from SHRM.

As mobile technologies continue to shape how we interact with the world, businesses will constantly need to adapt their recruiting processes accordingly in order to attract and hire the best talent. By keeping an ear to the ground and incorporating the latest mobile trends into their recruitment strategies, companies can help to increase employment desirability and enhance the candidate experience, while also improving the effectiveness of their recruiters and hiring managers. The only constant is change, and in today’s world of recruiting, employers must be one step ahead of the competition in order to win the heated war for talent.