How to Be a Recruiting Ninja

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Monday, Dec 05, 2016
How to Be a Recruiting Ninja

The term “ninja” traditionally conjures up images of a stealth and highly-skilled warrior, able to strike quickly and effectively and leave without a trace. Drawing their origins from feudal Japan during the 15th century, ninjas were well-versed in espionage, guerilla warfare, sabotage, and assassination, and were often regarded as masters of their craft. In the world of talent acquisition, recruiters looking to find and hire top talent can strive to become “recruiting ninjas” in their profession to ensure they also strike quickly and effectively to win the heated war for talent. In honor of International Ninja Day on December 5th, the following are a few talent acquisition best practices to help you become a recruiting ninja at your organization.

Strike Early Using Marketing Tactics

Employing recruitment marketing tactics before the need to hire arises will ensure you are well ahead of your opponents in the battle for talent. By promoting your employment brand and developing pipelines of qualified candidates, you can fill open positions faster and minimize time-to-hire metrics. To do this, be sure to create branded social media pages where passive candidates can connect with your company and receive ongoing news and employment updates, and participate in job fairs and networking events in your industry and community to maintain visibility and advertise your employment brand. As almost half of all job seekers report finding recruitment marketing tactics successful, these tools are not to be overlooked in the early stages of the talent acquisition battle.

Leverage Video to Gain Critical Intelligence

When posting job listings, request that candidates submit a video cover letter as part of the application process to help reduce screening times and provide greater insight into their unique strengths and weaknesses. Be sure to ask for content that is related to the specific position and required skill set, pay attention to soft skills such as communication ability and personality, and limit videos to two minutes or less to expedite the overall review process. Many candidates will enjoy using cutting-edge video platforms as part of the application process, and as 30 percent of companies spend up to two months filling a position, anything that can help your company to hire faster and reduce costs will bring you to victory.

Onboard Your New Warriors Well

Once your candidate is selected and hired, using cloud-based onboarding software will provide a smooth transition into the organization for your new employee, and can also minimize the need for time-consuming manual tasks from your human resources department. Activities such as completing tax forms and employment verification documents can all be handled by your new hire prior to their start date, and automated reminders will ensure that all high-priority deadlines are met. Additional onboarding tasks, such as company training videos and certifications, can be completed by employees after they begin their new roles, and automatic notifications will make sure you are the first to know. 

With improved economic conditions in the years following the Great Recession causing a shift to a job seeker’s market, and critical skills gaps accounting for shortages of qualified candidates in many industries, highly advanced recruiting tactics are greatly needed for businesses to effectively find and hire required talent. However, by continually sharpening skills and utilizing cutting-edge talent acquisition tools to work smarter, recruiters can become ninjas in their profession to consistently meet hiring objectives and drive business results.

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