How HR Tools Simplify the Sourcing Process

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Monday, Aug 15, 2016
How HR Tools Simplify the Sourcing Process

The process of sourcing and hiring the perfect candidates to fill your open positions is far from a simple, easy process without the proper technology to support you. The good news is HR tools can take a complicated process like sourcing, and automate and simplify your day-to-day tasks. Recruitment marketing has increasingly become a core competency of talent acquisition. To keep up with today’s consumer-minded job seekers, modern recruiting professionals are adopting recruitment marketing technology to establish and sustain connections with candidates.

Here are three ways the right HR tool can simplify your sourcing and recruiting marketing process.

1.Build Talent Pipelines

Strong talent pools of passive candidates ensure that a company always has a pipeline of talented and qualified candidates to select from when a job becomes available. Passive candidates are the people that are willing to entertain a job offer but aren’t actively seeking a new position. According to a recent iCIMS study, 52 percent of survey respondents would be open to a new career opportunity if contacted by a recruiter with a relevant opportunity, even if they weren’t actively seeking a new job.

You can make it simple for passive candidates to submit basic information and opt-in to automated email campaigns via a Recruitment Marketing Automation or CRM (Candidate Relationship Management) tool. Sending automated personalized, branded communications based on what talent pool they belong to makes passive candidates more likely to think of that organization when ready to apply to a job. Automating this process with a recruitment marketing automation tool enables employers to maintain a constant pool of warm candidates, reducing cost per hire and time to fill.

2.Reach More People

One of the most important parts of building a talent pipeline is expanding candidate reach. In order to make an organization more visible, employers should regularly leverage multiple channels to discover which sources are most effective. Employers can make open positions easy to discover by advertising where candidates are looking. This includes job boards, social media, and ensuring that open jobs are ranking favorability on search engines like Google.

Companies of all sizes can explore and test candidate outreach channels to attract more candidates and reduce their time to fill. Employers should partner with a technology provider that allows for a seamless flow of information from multiple vendors into a single talent acquisition system of record.

3.Create a Strong Employee Referral Program

iCIMS research demonstrates that employee referrals are still the most significant source of hire, on average 24 percent of new hires originate from a referral, but some companies see rates of nearly 40 percent.  Make it simple for current employees to identify connections who have the skills and experience your company needs, and to submit those connections for consideration for open jobs. Further, the right applicant tracking system can make it easy to track successful referrals and automate the payout of relevant rewards.

Technology and the world of recruiting have changed dramatically in recent years, giving employers access to better and more powerful recruitment tools. Now is the perfect time to dive deeper into modern technology to see what it can do to support your recruiting staff, your candidate engagement, and your bottom line.

Whether you're ready to purchase your first applicant tracking system, or know it's time to switch to a different provider, iCIMS is here to help.