3 Things That Recruiters Should Share on Social Media

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Friday, Jul 08, 2016
3 Things That Recruiters Should Share on Social Media

Recruiters routinely review job seekers on social media, but they should beware of the two-way street sign.

While social media gives recruiters another powerful screening tool, it also provides job seekers with unprecedented access to information about employers, such as average pay per position and employee reviews.

Just as consumers research products before buying them, 56 percent of today’s savvy job seekers study employers and job openings for one to four hours before applying, according to a recent survey by Talent Board, a nonprofit organization that tracks data about the candidate experience.

With that many job seekers doing their due diligence, employers need help with highlighting themselves as desirable places to work. In the age of employee advocacy on social media, recruiters can play a pivotal role in that effort, but only if they maintain an active and professional presence on social media, which they can do by regularly sharing the following three pieces of information.  

1. Job Openings

Of course, recruiters should share their employers’ job openings, a process that they can automate by using iCIMS Social Distribution, which comes with iCIMS Recruit. Doing so will help recruiters catch the eyes of the 79 percent of job seekers who lean toward using social media in their job searches, according to Glassdoor. They may even land a few hires considering that job seekers submitted 3.3 million applications through social media in 2015, according to iCIMS. However, if recruiters hope to gain loyal attention from job seekers, then they need to do more than spam social media with jobs.


2. Company News

Employers often see their press releases die in a digital graveyard and perhaps unsurprisingly, as many of them announce news of little interest to outsiders written in undecipherable corporate jargon. However, some press releases contain information that job seekers may find interesting, such as news of an employer making a list of the best places to work, winning an award for growth, or moving to a new location. Therefore, recruiters should habitually check the press releases that their employers publish and share those that they think will capture the attention of job seekers.


3. Job-seeking Tips

While sharing job openings and company news should anchor the social media presence of every recruiter, it may seem self-serving to job seekers. For recruiters to prove that they use social media for more than their own interests, they also need to share content that purely helps job seekers. They can find plenty of free informative articles on websites dedicated to job-seeking advice, such as Careerealism and The Muse. As experts in their own right, recruiters should also share their insights about job seeking and what they expect from job seekers, including interview and resume tips. Access to that type of exclusive information will keep job seekers paying attention long enough to see when recruiters share job postings and company news.