12 Days of Recruiting Tips for Holiday Downtime

Recruiting Tips
Thursday, Dec 01, 2016
12 Days of Recruiting Tips for Holiday Downtime

For the first time all year you have more than a 30-minute timeslot free on your calendar. Scheduled phones screens are scarce, your hiring managers are away for the holidays, and you crossed off all of your open requisitions for the year. So just time to sit back, relax, and wait for January, right? Wrong!

While you may be in the midst of December doldrums at work, there are several ways you can be productive in between all of the ugly sweater parties and grab bags in the office. If you are looking for ways to boost your recruiting efforts this month, I present to you the 12 days of recruiting tips. 

An organized dashboard of metrics – Tis the season to reflect on 2016. Take this downtime to analyze your performance, organize your recruiting metrics dashboard, and really impress your boss by proactively serving up a year in review report with recommendations on new metrics to track next year.

Two posted reqs – Post now! While your instincts may tell you to avoid job board posting until after the holidays, there could be a benefit to sharing your open requisitions along with some good cheer this season. There will likely be less noise on job boards, giving your roles a chance to stand out to anyone casually looking for jobs in between receiving several out-of-office replies.

Three offer letters – If you find your dream candidate for a role opening in 2017, don’t be afraid to send the offer letter in advance. You could increase your chances of snagging that talent by being the only offer they have while your competition hasn’t even had their first 2017 budgeting meeting.

Fo(u)r the people who don’t celebrate – Don’t forget that December isn’t necessarily a month long holiday for everyone. Some will be operating business as usual and could be very open to your new role.

Five Golden Candidates … from 2016 – It doesn’t take an approved org chart for you to know what areas of the business may be looking to hire early next year. Offer a slate of the most qualified candidates currently in your pipeline to hiring managers who will most likely be knocking on your door come January.

Six cancelled meetings – Busy hiring managers who are often impossible to get a hold of could suddenly become available this month with fewer meetings, and their project load winding down for the year. Along with offering a slate of candidates, get an intake meeting on the calendar to put them in the hiring spirit and share their requirements for new hires next year. This could severely cut down on back and forth on candidates next year when their schedules are much tighter.

Seven PTO days – Odds are some candidates will be taking some time off this month before their PTO bank is wiped clean for next year. It could be a perfect chance to take an interview without the hassle of rushing to or from work.

Eight updated job descriptions – With New Year’s resolutions approaching, many candidates will be looking for more than just another gig. Emphasize the opportunities for growth and the training and development opportunities your company offers within the job description to appeal to those who are looking to advance their career this new year.

Nine quick responses – Who doesn’t love a quick reply from a recruiter? It’s like a great candidate experience wrapped in a bow. Even if your update is that there will be no update until the new year, being responsive and communicating effectively with candidates will help you stand out from the competition and serves as a positive reflection of your employment brand.

Ten engaged followers – We’re all guilty of doing some extra surfing on the web and social media around the holidays. Take advantage of any boosted engagement your followers have this month by making sure your social platforms and career site are fully branded and offer a true representation of working at your company. Authenticity is key!

Eleven college recruits – It is a great time to reach out to students since they are on their holiday break and looking to scout their job opportunities before heading back to campus. Which graduating senior wouldn’t want to an offer letter in hand before receiving their degree?

Twelve revamped talent pools – You’ve been collecting candidates all year in talent pools and there’s a good chance these pools could be better organized. Break up your talent pools by department, region, or employee-level –which ever works best for you. Also consider adding tags for candidates based on notes from previous interactions. This way, you can easily identify the right talent for future hires.

There you have it – twelve ways you can boost your recruiting efforts this month. I hope you found some inspiration to get you through December. Happy hiring!