Support & Maintenance Policy

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This Support & Maintenance Policy (“SMP”) is part of the Subscription Agreement by and between Subscriber and TextRecruit. In the event of a conflict between this Policy and the Agreement, unless otherwise expressly provided, the Agreement will control. All capitalized terms not defined herein have the meaning ascribed to them in the then–current Subscription Agreement found at
This Policy applies to the support and maintenance practices for the TextRecruit Service.


  • “Issue” means one of the following:

(i)     a question regarding the use and/or operation of the TextRecruit Service;

(ii)    a condition that inhibits the use and/or performance of the TextRecruit Service, including, but not limited to, an event that results in performance degradation, function unavailability, errors, security exposure, or other defects, such that the TextRecruit Service, taken as a whole, does not operate substantially as described in its documentation.

  • “Issue Resolution” means one of the following:

(i)     As to (i) above, a correct answer to the question regarding the configuration, use, and/or operation of the TextRecruit Service;

(ii)    As to (ii) above, a patch, correction, or bug fix such that the TextRecruit Service substantially conforms to its documentation; or

(iii)   As to (i) or (ii) above, notice that an Issue is caused by a non-TextRecruit provided program or service.

  • “Normal Business Hours” means 24×5 (9:00 PM ET Sunday – 9:00 PM ET Friday; 2:00 AM GMT Monday – 2:00 AM GMT Saturday), excluding TextRecruit recognized holidays.¹
  • “Updates” means updates, enhancements, revisions, fixes, patches, or other changes to the TextRecruit Service that TextRecruit makes generally available to all Subscribers with active TextRecruit Service, but does not include additional modules or components and other applications separately sold under an Order Form. Each Update is deemed a part of a TextRecruit Service once placed in a production environment. For clarity, an Update does not include a release of an upgraded version of a module, component, and/or application that may be available at an additional fee sold under an Order Form.

Subscriber shall designate a primary system administrator (“System Admin”) for all support Issues under this Agreement. Subscriber may establish a secondary System Admin by request. All support issues should be directed to a TextRecruit Support Contact via the TextRecruit Customer Success Teams through the support channels (chat, telephone, email) listed on
Whenever a request is placed by the System Admin to a TextRecruit Support Contact, the following information must be provided:
❑ Subscriber name, System Admin name, email address, and telephone number (including area code);
❑ Information about the nature of the Issue;
❑ Information about the location of the Issue;
❑ Any TextRecruit Service error messages associated with the Issue and the steps leading up to the Issue occurrence;
❑ Detailed description of the Issue; and
❑ Impact of the Issue (in classifying Issues, TextRecruit takes into consideration the impact on Subscriber and Users).

In the event TextRecruit becomes aware and/or Subscriber notifies TextRecruit of an Issue, TextRecruit shall address the Issue based on its severity, as determined by TextRecruit in its sole and reasonable discretion. TextRecruit shall use commercially reasonable efforts to respond to Subscriber within the timeframe specified for the respective severity level, acknowledging receipt of the Issue notification and the status of an initial action plan to accomplish Issue Resolution. TextRecruit shall use commercially reasonable efforts, in light of the severity and complexity of the Issue, to provide an Issue Resolution within the time frames specified for the respective severity level.

Severity Definitions and Response Times²
These times reflect the targeted time period between the receipt of the TextRecruit Support Contact’s notification of an Issue to the
initial response and the Issue Resolution, respectively, by TextRecruit.

Escalation & Prevention
In the event of an escalation, TextRecruit’s internal escalation contacts are as follows:

For all Severity 1 Issues, TextRecruit shall make available to the System Admin an Issue report within five (5) business days after Issue Resolution, including the actions taken by TextRecruit to achieve Issue Resolution, the response time, and the resolution time. TextRecruit shall retain Issue reports for at least one (1) month for later reference by the System Admin.

TextRecruit furnishes Updates that include Issue Resolutions promptly after availability of the Issue Resolution. Updates that include enhancements or other improvements are typically provided within thirty (30) days following general availability of such Update.

It is TextRecruit’s practice to review the root cause, response times, and Issue Resolutions for all Severity Level 1 and 2 Issues and develop preventative measures, as appropriate. Accordingly, in the event TextRecruit fails to meet any obligation in this Policy (a “Service Level Obligation Failure” or “SLO Failure”), TextRecruit shall use commercially reasonable efforts to promptly correct and further prevent such SLO Failure. In the event of an SLO Failure extending for sixty (60) consecutive days or for any one–hundred and twenty (120) days in any three hundred and sixty (360) day period, Subscriber will have the right, as its sole and exclusive remedy for such breach, to terminate the Agreement for convenience and receive a refund of any pre–paid, but unused amounts for the TextRecruit Service.


1     ET – Eastern Time; GMT – Greenwich Mean Time. A listing of TextRecruit’s recognized local holidays for an applicable year, which are those of its parent organization, iCIMS, Inc., is available at TextRecruit Holiday Schedule.

2     Email and voicemails are deemed to be “received” by TextRecruit at the beginning of the next business hour.

3     “Next Update” may include, but does not require, minor updates, enhancements, revisions, fixes, patches or other changes to the TextRecruit Service that TextRecruit makes generally available to all Subscribers with an active subscription. For clarity, minor updates will be designated through changes in the decimal of the previous version.


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