Virtual Interview Platforms Can Save Your HR Department Time & Money

With the availability and advancements in various tools and technologies, the hiring process is a fluid entity. Or at least it should be. A recruiting platform, such as iCIMS UNIFi, can tie all of your talent acquisition solutions together with strong integrations to ensure you have one centralized location and experience to effectively manage every part of the hiring process. One tool that is continuing to grow in popularity due to its ability to streamline hiring, while saving time and money for employers, is virtual interview platforms.

Phone screens are increasingly becoming a thing of the past as video interviewing software is taking the stage as a preliminary screening tool. Your applicant tracking software should offer a video solution or an integration to a provider. Here are six reasons why your company should implement virtual interview tools now:

1. Video tools save time and are schedule friendly.

No need to worry about finding a time that works for the candidate and all of your team members to hold a phone screen or in-person interview. With video tools, you don’t have to wait for the candidate to take off from work to come in for an interview. Instead, you can offer job seekers a few days to create a video, and in turn, your team can watch the video at their convenience. Recruiters who use video screening reported an 80 percent decrease in the time required for effective screening and a 57 percent decrease in time to fill, according to an iCIMS survey.

2. They help you save money.

A lot of money goes into planning and paying for travel to fly candidates in for an interview. Video can help you effectively screen candidates and only spend money on those top candidates for in-person meetings. Let’s not forget that video is seriously helping you save time instead of sitting in hours’ worth of phone and in-person interviews, and we all know that time is money.

3. They help you get more personal.

While it seems like an oxymoron, video technology can actually help your organization get to know your candidates on a more personal level. Video tools enable candidates and companies to discover more about each other quicker and on a more personal level . Recruiters and hiring managers can challenge candidates to showcase their soft skills, personality, and overall interest in working for the company, so they are better enabled to make a hire who is a good cultural fit. Video can be particularly helpful for positions that require public speaking and customer interaction, such as roles in sales or retail. According to a recent iCIMS survey, 95 percent of retail hiring managers agree that five years from now, most interviews will take place using mobile devices to do video conferencing or video interviews, rather than in person.

4. Videos help you create a bigger talent pool.

Organizations that hire a group of people at once – such as for an intern program, entry-level hires or new sales members – may benefit from conducting video interviews. High-volume hiring can be exhausting for recruiters and hiring managers who need to sift through hundreds, or even thousands, or applications and facilitate many interviews. You can cast a wider net and significantly streamline the interviewing and hiring process by asking applicants to submit videos, while maintaining the quality of hires.

5. Videos can help achieve consistency.

You can establish a few key questions that you’d like all job candidates to respond to, ensuring that all candidates have a fair shot at being asked the same questions in the same way.

6. They can improve accuracy for evergreen jobs.

If your team has a lot of evergreen roles, your team may benefit from keeping these videos on file for when you need to revisit a pool of candidates. Instead of digging through old notes, a video of your candidates will accurately refresh your memory and team of their experience and personality to help fill a role when it opens up, down the line.

Virtual Interview Platforms Can Save Your HR Department Time & Money

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March 2, 2017


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