Don’t Let Your Candidate Pools Freeze Over

Throughout the cold and dreary winter season, recruiters have to work that much harder to prevent their talent pipelines from freezing over. One of the toughest winter obstacles then becomes balancing a heathy influx of active candidates in their pipelines while holding the flame to passive candidates. This is often accomplished via engaging email campaigns, reflections on the past year’s accomplishments, and building excitement around the future of your business.

Considering roughly 85 percent of the global workforce is comprised of passive candidates, only 15 percent of which are actually satisfied with their current roles, there is a massive number of potential candidates up for grabs. The key to engaging them begins with embracing candidate relationship management (CRM) software and building strong relationships through automated recruitment marketing efforts. With the advances of such technology these days, there are a variety of tactics to keep passive candidates in the know regarding relevant updates to your company. Below, we’ve noted keys ways to stay engaged with the 1 in 5 passive candidates who will eventually become coveted actives down the line.

Grab Their Attention

With automated email campaigns, you have to ensure that your sharing relevant content with this specific audience in mind. Peeking their interest is a must, because you are trying to make your brand appeal to someone who isn’t out and about searching for a new job just yet. It starts with something as simple as the subject line, which must be captivating without coming across too spam-like (don’t run the risk of being tossed in the trash!). Make sure the body of each email informs recipients to follow a call to action, such as a new job posting, networking events or surveys. This will encourage engagement and likely spark greater interest amongst your pool of candidates.

Reflect on Your Accomplishments

People want to work somewhere they can boast about culture and company accolades, so you better believe your up-to-date brand presence needs to be felt online. The winter months provide the optimal timing to reflect on the previous year and the areas in which your company has exceled. With your social distribution tool automating postings to various social profiles, you can share videos on accomplishments from the previous year, share press releases on company awards and milestones reached, and weave in your available job postings.

Attract the Attracted

Adding to the list of benefits, a CRM tool allows you to keep track of the activity level of the candidates showing the most interest with your engagement efforts (thanks to advanced reporting and metrics). Within your talent pool, you can group your passives together based on areas like education level, work experience and skills, then identify key candidates and narrow your efforts to the ones who share legitimate interest with your brand.

It’s no secret –  most people just aren’t satisfied with their current jobs. In fact, 65 percent of employees search for jobs again within 91 days of starting a new one. That rate is proof that it doesn’t take long for dissatisfaction to set in, and with the gloomy winter season amongst us amplifying this sentiment, now is the time to appeal to spring, summer or autumn’s job seekers.



Don’t Let Your Candidate Pools Freeze Over

Written By

iCIMS Staff


February 16, 2017


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