3 Ways a Poor Candidate Experience Can Scare Away Job Seekers

With Halloween just around the corner, there’s no shortage of terrifying candidate experiences that many companies still offer. But due to the abundance of options at their disposal, todays job seekers approach their job search with a consumer mindset, much like any other purchasing decision. This means that enterprise companies that don’t place a premium on the candidate experience are doing more harm than good to their brands reputation and scaring away top talent from their jobs.

According to recent findings published by an IBM white paper, The Far-Reaching Impact of Candidate Experience, regardless of whether they get a job offer, applicants who are satisfied with their experience are more than twice as likely to recommend the hiring organization to others, compared with those who were dissatisfied. The proof is in the pudding – poor interactions with your brand equals poor brand perception. The good news is, the remedy to improving this experience is easier than you think!

Below, we detail a few effective strategies to ensure your company is delivering a fantastic candidate experience and making a lasting positive impression on all candidates.

Complicated Applications Make Moving On Easy

According to iCIMS research, 31 percent of candidates spend 30-60 minutes or more on the average online application, and 68 percent quit because it takes too long. Without the proper recruiting software in place to make applying for jobs efficient and fast, this remains a top hiring challenge for many companies. An applicant tracking system (ATS) enables candidate-friendly applications, allowing job seekers to upload resumes in any form, on any device, even from their social profiles. An ATS also allows you to share highly transparent communications via email templates or directly on your career portal, so candidates never feel like they’re left in the dark.

Career Site Navigation Can Be Complex

Job seekers have no time to waste when it comes to scanning your career site for details on a specified position or gaining insight into your company culture. It’s vital to consider partnering with a recruitment software provider that takes advantage of the latest technology, like the Google Cloud Jobs API – which offers enhanced search capabilities on career sites to intelligently surface jobs to candidates based on their desired preferences. Aside from job listings, this is the perfect opportunity to showcase your company culture through videos, highlight recent awards and accolades, state your organizational mission and values, and showcase perks and benefits. This is your chance to offer an authentic reflection into your company’s employment experience and make a connection with candidates before they’ve even applied.

Job Seekers Are Real People, Not Robots

Capturing the interest of job seekers requires a proactive approach along with a personal touch. With the ever-evolving landscape of HR technology changing quite often, it’s easy for companies to abandon the personal aspects of recruitment that simply get lost in the shuffle. This is where your candidate relationship management (CRM) tool can shoulder the burden of tasks like automated email templates and personalized responses to nurture relationships with active and passive job seekers, even after the job has been filled. This helps to build a rapport with candidates who are interested in your open jobs or may be teetering on the fence of applying – all while strengthening your talent pools. A CRM tool also makes it way easier to manage your social presence with mobile-friendly social connect portals, giving candidates a quick and easy way to show they’re interested in working for your company and bolstering your online presence.

The candidate experience is too important to screw up, and employers who don’t address it are making a grave mistake. When you partner with a best-of-breed talent platform like iCIMS, you ensure an end-to-end experience that will leave job seekers satisfied and produce a strong ROI for your business. It’s no trick, just a treat!


3 Ways a Poor Candidate Experience Can Scare Away Job Seekers

Written By

iCIMS Staff


October 25, 2017


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