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Our partnership with Microsoft

Our award-winning partnership with Microsoft is grounded in a shared desire to transform the workplace and the hiring team experience. Fusing the communication and collaboration capabilities of Microsoft’s apps with the strength of the iCIMS Talent Cloud can accelerate the ease and speed of your hiring process. Together, we’re enabling organisations like yours to find and manage the workforce of tomorrow.

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Accelerate hiring decisions with iCIMS for Microsoft Teams

iCIMS and Microsoft have teamed up to bring recruitment workflows from the iCIMS Talent Cloud into your hiring team’s everyday flow of work.

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Enhance the hiring team experience

Bring recruitment workflows into the tool your line Managers and recruiters already use every day

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Make faster virtual hiring decisions

Capture interview feedback from your hiring team in their flow of work for improved response rates and faster decision making

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Save recruiters' time

Skip the extra follow-up meetings and manual tasks by automating interview feedback collection from your line Managers

Make Dynamics 365 even more dynamic

Build a thriving and inclusive workplace with powerful, award-winning tools to attract, engage, hire, and advance talent within your existing HR ecosystem. With integrated iCIMS & Microsoft Dynamics 365® platforms, you can:

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Hire candidates faster with turnkey, simplified new hire workflows

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Track internal mobility with ease thanks to automatic synchronization of data between iCIMS and Microsoft Dynamics 365

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Improve talent data quality and security with API-based data transfer

We share a vision with iCIMS for a unified, end-to-end talent ecosystem. The way personnel work and how companies hire is changing, and there is an unprecedented need for technology to support that - especially in today's climate where many employers are tasked with doing more with less.

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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Human Resources


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Accelerate virtual hiring with iCIMS and Microsoft

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The future of hiring

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