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iCIMS Business Continuity Statement for COVID-19

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Overview of iCIMS’ Business Continuity Plan

iCIMS maintains a Business Continuity Plan (the “BCP”), which is reviewed annually and is covered by our ISO 27001 certification. The BCP applies to the functions, operations, and resources necessary to ensure the continuation of iCIMS’ essential functions in the event of a disaster.

The BCP provides a decision matrix for determining when activation is necessary, and among other steps directs the use of information from various sources and authorities, specific alert and notification procedures, and the mechanisms for determining mission critical systems, personnel and facilities in the event of a disaster. iCIMS’ plan is designed to ensure availability of our customers’ critical data in the event of a disaster in alignment with our recovery time and recovery point objectives. iCIMS tests this recovery plan annually.


iCIMS’ Business Continuity Response to COVID-19

In addition to its BCP, iCIMS has implemented a working group comprised of representatives from all potentially impacted areas of the company to continually assess and, as needed, implement its plans to respond to developments arising from COVID-19. The working group is overseen by the executive team. The working group has established and continues to implement, as needed, steps designed to address:

  • The health and safety of its employees, customers, partners and the community.
  • Continuation of full delivery of all products and services, and all corporate business and operations, in the event of any decision to implement remote or staggered work scenarios, or loss of physical facility access.

In service of these goals, iCIMS has implemented, among other measures:

  • Readiness planning, testing and execution (where applicable) of operational disruption contingencies, including partial and full remote work capabilities.
  • Travel, visitor and event attendance policies.
  • Designated sources of information and news.
  • Defined communications plans.
  • Rapid response executive oversight and implementation.

iCIMS will continuously monitor developments, and evaluate, test and implement further steps as needed. If you have any questions about iCIMS’ response, please contact questions@icims.com.


iCIMS Business Continuity Statement for COVID-19 11MARCH2020

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