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The Nuxe group chose the on-demand video interview to speed up their recruitment process and make it more collaborative.

High volume recruiting and lack of visibility for managers

Nuxe is a major player in the cosmetics and beauty industry with a strong brand image. With over 200 positions to fill each year, the HR teams are dealing with large volumes of applications to qualify, for roles that go from marketing managers to pharmaceutical delegates to beauticians. Moreover, dealing with multiple sites (headquarters, production plants, spas) made this issue even more complex. For example, the sales department had little visibility on the application process of their field applicants. Nuxe wanted a solution to involve managers more in the recruitment process.

"Thanks to the on-demand video interview, managers are involved in the entire recruitment process and can actively and easily participate."

HR Manager, Nuxe

The on-demand video interview

The on-demand video interview was implemented in 2017 to speed up the screening process and to share interviews with teams. Thanks to its ATS integration, Nuxe can easily invite candidates to record their interview and see all the recordings in one place.
The solution is used for most hires, except spa staff and factory technicians.

In 2019, the company chose to film interview questions to make the experience more interactive and human.

Collaborative recruitment

The tool is very appreciated by managers at Nuxe. The sharing feature allows them to be involved during the entire process and work hand in hand with HR teams to build campaigns.

A faster process

The average time to hire at Nuxe is one month. Thanks to the on-demand video interview, the talent acquisition team saves screening time by avoiding pre-selection phone interviews, thus allowing a smoother process. HR managers avoid the back and forth with candidates, each interview is relevant, and managers spend more time having quality interviews.

More qualified applications

The on-demand video interview gives candidates a chance to express themselves and show who they are beyond their CVs. The HR team discovered interesting profiles through the recorded interviews that they would not have thought relevant enough on CV qualification alone. Conversely, candidates with perfect CVs revealed less of a fit during their interviews.

For recruiters, video is a proven way to check if candidates have done their research on the company before applying and to evaluate how well they express themselves.

Evaluating soft skills during the pre-selection phase

Thanks to the collaboration between recruiters and managers, the teams are able to develop targeted campaigns to evaluate essential business skills required for a given position. For example, for pharmaceutical sales representatives, Nuxe can ask situational questions such as “How do you react in this situation when facing a pharmacist?” to identify a candidate’s situational skills.

"The on-demand video interview is a great way to find out more about a candidate’s qualities, soft skills and talents through more than just a CV."

HR Manager, Nuxe

An improved candidate experience

While the experience can be a little unsettling, it is an opportunity for candidates to go beyond their CV and to value their experiences in a different way.

iCIMS also allows HR managers to record questions on video as well as feedback videos for candidates that don’t make it to the next step. This makes the overall experience digital, yet human.


new hires each year for permanent and temporary position and internal mobility


applications are submitted each month for a marketing position


on-demand video interviews received during the pre-selection phase

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