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Mercy Health

How a Midwestern healthcare system created a faster way to hire and onboard thousands of hard-to-find professionals with iCIMS.

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Founded in 1986, Mercy Health employs 45,000 healthcare professionals across a system of 900 physician practices, outreach ministries, and outpatient facilities in the American Mid-West.

As with many large healthcare systems, intense competition for nurses leads to attrition, with personnel gaining experience and leaving their jobs for sometimes less than a dollar more an hour.

Mercy Health’s previous talent solutions did not offer a great experience for anyone, including candidates, line Managers, and recruiters. The organisation was growing quickly and needed a new applicant tracking system able to keep up with demand.


more applicants per month


new hires in the second half of 2020


days saved from job offer to onboarding

Mercy Health Recruiter

Mercy Health's approach

The move to iCIMS has made Mercy Health’s recruiting efforts more efficient and sustainable. In particular, their team makes job offers one business week faster than they used to.

Their new hire onboarding process is also a lot more efficient than it used to be. Mercy Health’s HR team does everything in the platform including uploading documents, pulling licenses and certifications, and creating badge photos. New hires benefit from having one portal to complete tasks and training.

Anything and everything that goes into iCIMS is reportable. This is incredibly beneficial for strategic planning, how we allocate recruiters, and how we stay ahead of the trends.

VP of Talent Selection and Executive Recruitment, Mercy Health

Plans for the future

Mercy Health’s goal is to create an even more flexible hiring process in the future. They intend to give candidates the ability to interview 24/7 by recording their answers to preset questions.

“A night nurse who is sleeping during the day can go through the process at seven o’clock at night, or on a break at one o’clock in the morning,” says Paul Kinsey, Mercy Health’s Director of Talent Selection Innovation. “That’s what we’re creating.”

Mercy Health also has plans to speed up job offers and onboarding further and make the application process quicker and easier for busy candidates.

Finally, Mercy Health’s team is investing in their internal mobility programme. This includes a new internal transfer policy and incentivizing referrals. The team wants job seekers to know what they do – that Mercy Health is a place to grow and expand your career.

Mercy Health Night Nurse with new mom

We have a really, really strong iCIMS account team, who have looked at our application process and helped us with best practices.

Director of Talent Selection Innovation, Mercy Health

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