Customer Success Stories

Chalhoub Group

Embracing Digital Transformation to Attract Talent

Chalhoub Group has chosen the iCIMS solutions to roll out their candidate and employee-centric human resources strategy.

Managing high application volumes and hiring the best people to support the group-wide digital transformation.

With a network of over 750 retail stores and a growing workforce of over 12,000 people, Chalhoub Group is the leading luxury partner across the Middle East.
Chalhoub Group deals with high volumes of applications from all over the Middle Eastern region and the world. 80% of open positions are in stores and require a quick and seamless recruiting process. The group is also going through a major digital transformation and is looking to attract the finest digital and tech-savvy professionals.


applications submitted through the bot since its integration


personnel... and growing!


seconds for a candidate to find a relevant position with the bot

A recruiting chatbot and an on-demand video interview solution

Chalhoub Group introduced our chatbot – named TIM (Talent Interactive Matchmaker) – to their career site to pre-screen and filter applications, in 2018.
The bot was integrated to their ATS SAP SuccessFactors.

In September 2019, they extended their use of the iCIMS solutions with the iCIMS Video Interview suite: the pre-recorded interview, boosted by the AI-driven recommendation tool and the live interview.

"The iCIMS platform has a set of solutions that solves each of our pain points for a better approach to talent recruitment. We are always looking for tools to save time and bring innovation by offering the best to our future talent"

Head of HR Technology, Chalhoub Group

Measurable improvement of candidate experience and employer branding

A seamless candidate experience

“Before implementing the chatbot, candidates were on their own browsing our career site. It took them up to 3 minutes to find a relevant position for them. Thanks to the chatbot it now takes them 15 seconds”, explains Iyad Rahme.
TIM gives candidates an easier access and improved search experience to discover open positions, apply or create a profile. The process is quick and seamless. Over 20,000 applications have been submitted through the bot since its integration.”
The chatbot is also a useful tool for open applications. Candidates are encouraged to create a profile after interacting with the bot by answering simple questions. This avoids them the time-consuming task of having to submit an open application written from scratch. It helps retain talent that could have easily dropped off the website.
Thanks to this solution, Chalhoub Group’s Talent Acquisition team creates and nurtures a qualified talent pool of professionals that they would have otherwise lost. As a next step, Chalhoub Group plans to leverage the chatbot by introducing an FAQ feature to answer any question a candidate may have about the company, the recruiting process etc.

Accelerated pre-screening time

In addition to that, they have estimated their teams save up to 20% of pre-screening time thanks to the chatbot, and 60% of screening time with the on-demand interview solution.
The group also now provides candidates with a frictionless interview experience. The pre-recorded interview offers the possibility for applicants from around the world to take their interview whenever they can and in the best conditions without having to take time off work, simultaneously solving potential time zone issues. Implementing such solutions shows candidates and personnel that Chalhoub Group cares about their time and is committed to their journey with them.
The whole experience enhances the human touch technology cannot replace and gives the Talent Acquisition team more time to focus on critical strategic roles to fill.

“Our goal is to enhance the candidate and employee experience every step of their journey with us. In order to constantly improve ourselves at every touchpoint, stakeholders are surveyed, and their feedback steers our decisions. Implementing the chatbot, the pre-recorded interview and the Live interview was decided based on our users’ specific needs. Our strategy is defined through a candidate and employee-centric approach.” Iyad RAHME, Head of HR Technology, Chalhoub Group

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