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Regis Corporation

How the largest operator of hair salons in the U.S. hires thousands of applicants with zero recruiters

Cosmetology is the fastest-growing occupation in the US. Regis Corporation needs candidates for their 8,000+ locations and multiple brands —and they need them fast. To keep pace, Regis developed a completely automated recruiting process.

Regis recruits tens of thousands of people each year without a single recruiter.

Regis Corporation's approach

With AI, automation, and targeted candidate marketing, Regis took an extraordinarily complex hiring process and simplified it. The organization reduced time to hire, enhanced the candidate experience, and decreased attrition, all while filling high volume openings.

“AI helps us to differentiate our recruitment process and operate as a technology company,” explains Jacob Kramer, Associate Vice President of Talent Acquisition and People Solutions, and added, “the data informs all of our hiring decisions.”

With iCIMS, Regis can:

Build data-driven recruitment marketing campaigns

Regis uses AI to engage people they think will make good hires with keyword-targeted brand awareness campaigns on social media.

Create an easy application process

Candidates apply through the applicant tracking system or via an AI chatbot. If selected, they’ll hear from a hiring manager within hours.

Hire talent fast and let hiring managers take control

Once candidates enter the ATS, they go into an immediate review with a hiring manager. AI ensures candidates meet position qualifications.

Get new hires ready to go with configurable onboarding options

Leadership makes informed decisions with automatic reports, including time to fill, background check status, hires by location, number of daily hires, open/closed requisitions per month, and more.

Integrate to their existing tech stack

Regis partners with iCIMS to help implement a non-traditional recruitment model and finds success by partnering with other vendors at the forefront of HR’s digital transformation.

iCIMS offers a specific tech stack, data integrity, and the experience we need to configure our unique process.

Associate VP of Talent Acquisition and People Solutions, Regis

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