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How an international skincare company uses iCIMS to make the hiring process more efficient

Nuxe is a major player in the skincare industry with a presence in nearly 60 countries. Nuxe’s large fanbase results in regular influxes of applications from marketing managers, pharmaceutical reps, and aestheticians.

Recruiting for its headquarters, production plants, and spas, Nuxe’s team needed a recruiting solution capable of screening more candidates while better involving hiring managers in the process.


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Nuxe's approach

iCIMS’ on-demand video interviewing tool enables Nuxe recruiters to get to know candidates while eliminating time-consuming phone screens. HR managers get a look at candidates earlier and can record their feedback using video as well. The result has been a faster, more thorough process that works well for the company’s decentralized teams.

Video interviews also give candidates a chance to show who they are beyond their resumes. Nuxe recruiters have discovered candidates with non-traditional experience who may not have stood out based on their resumes alone. Conversely, video interviews have revealed candidates who looked promising on paper but lacked the necessary soft skills to be successful in the job.

Thanks to on-demand video interviews, managers are involved in the entire recruitment process and can actively and easily participate.

HR manager

iCIMS Video Interviews helps the Nuxe recruiting team involve hiring managers in the decision-making process. Recruiters are able to share videos and keep key team members connected during the entire process.

Increased collaboration has led to further improvements, with recruiters tailoring screening questions based on hiring manager feedback.

On-demand video interviews are a great way to learn more about a candidate’s qualities, soft skills, and talents than with a resume alone.

HR manager

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