Rising healthcare organization builds sourcing strategy with iCIMS


Wheat Ridge, CO

501 – 1,000

$25 – $50 million per year


Applicant Tracking and Candidate Relationship Management

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  • Denver’s Top  Workplaces 2013 – 2017
  • Awarded 2017 Arvada Chamber of Commerce Non-Profit of the Year

Jefferson Center for Mental Health is a non-profit community mental health center that has served the Colorado communities since 1958. Their mission is to promote great mental health and provide exceptional mental health services for individuals with emotional problems and/or severe mental health issues.

The Challenge

When iCIMS first met the recruiters at Jefferson Center, one of their biggest pain points was their inability to connect and engage with both passive and active leads. Recruiters struggled to nurture leads in a way that highlighted how great of a place Jefferson Center was to work –and what job opportunities were available for the taking (for the right candidate, of course).

“Our applicant tracking system didn’t have the means to capture passive candidates,” said Jon Drogheo, senior recruiter. “We had to pool them into an excel sheet and since our ATS did not allow us to send mass emails -we sent one email, per candidate, and hoped we’d capture their attention.” Jefferson Center’s hiring process was time-consuming, inefficient, and took away time from building an effective sourcing strategy.

Drogheo mentioned that with their manual approach, “at the time, we filled 20 to 30 positions, annually. Our recruiting function was nonexistent, and it was just something HR did –it was purely reactionary.”

With only five to six people on their HR staff, Jefferson Center needed an ATS that put time back into their workday, eased their recruiting workflow, and allowed them to become more strategic in their approach.

The Journey

Jefferson Center grew frustrated with their ATS. They knew it was time to make a switch. “We knew we needed an ATS that had more job aggregator partners, analytics to measure our traffic, and a system that would allow us to better source our candidates,” said Drogheo.

That said, for Jefferson Center to accelerate their hiring process and ensure they were filling open positions with high-quality leads –a candidate relationship management tool paired with their ATS became more of a necessity than a nice to have, to meet their business objectives.

The Discovery

After considering their options, Jefferson Center immediately knew their decision was an easy one. While many companies promised their days of worrying would be a thing of the past, iCIMS listened to their needs and their concerns –viewing them as a partner instead of a sale. With iCIMS’ friendly, focused, and easy to use Talent Cloud –paired with an unmatched customer service experience –Jefferson Center knew they were in good hands.


When we asked Drogheo why Jefferson Center chose iCIMS, he chuckled and explained, “The fact that the CRM capabilities work seamlessly with our ATS within a centralized hub completely hit the mark for us!” Drogheoknew the duel power of iCIMS would ultimately strengthen automation between Jefferson Center’s sourcing and recruiting workflows.

iCIMS’ customer support, free training services, and partner ecosystem had Jefferson Center ready to make the switch. Jefferson Center knew as their organization continued to grow the Talent Cloud would grow along with them. Working side by side with the iCIMS implementation team, Jefferson Center was up and running with their new system within three weeks.




How iCIMS Helped

After teaming up with iCIMS, Jefferson Center optimized its sourcing strategy. Recruiters post open positions internally and externally, leveraging sponsored ads with Indeed, LinkUp, and Monster. With the iCIMS Social Distribution tool, they share career opportunities on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook. Additionally, they attend college job fairs twice a year where they use iCIMS’ CRM to make sure no lead is lost, misfiled, or overlooked.

“iCIMS has helped us evolve from a local recruiting model to a national recruiting model and effectively and efficiently promote ourselves as an employer of choice that generates high-quality talent,” said Drogheo.

With iCIMS’ reporting dashboard, Jefferson Center can easily track key hiring metrics in real-time, right from their personalized dashboards. “Before iCIMS, our estimated time-to-fill an open position was 120 days,” said Drogheo. “Now, with iCIMS, we’ve cut our time in half. It takes us 50-60 days to fill an open position.”

Jefferson Center’s HR team saves time with formatted email templates that live in the system. “The team doesn’t have to wonder what to write, and we can showcase our brand by including graphics,” stated Drogheo.

In Jefferson Center’s recent 2016 new hire survey, 83% of new hires said their experience within the recruiting and hiring process was positive, and 70.27% of new hires said it would be highly likely for them to refer a potential applicant. Finally, 93% of the new hires who participated in the survey, said, overall they had a positive candidate experience.

In addition to a positive candidate experience, Jefferson Center is now able to report that their average cost per hire is just over $2,000, while the national average lands at about $4,129 (Society for Human Resource Management, 2016).

“Having iCIMS’ Candidate Relationship Management means we spend less money,“ said Drogheo. “The combined use of their ATS and CRM have made a large impact on our efforts. We are more efficient in screening, developing relationships with both active and passive leads, have cut our time-to-fill, and actually reduced reoccurring advertising costs on a monthly basis.”

“When I think of iCIMS, innovative, informative, and efficient comes to mind.”

Jon Drogheo,
senior recruiter, Jefferson Center for Mental Health