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eFinancial retools recruiting platform, cuts reliance on agencies

eFinancial’s hiring system relied on outdated workflows and an inefficient hiring process. It was spending a lot of money on recruiting agencies as a result.

To improve ROI and cut dependence on outside agencies, eFinancial’s HR team knew they needed better data and insights. They just needed a way to optimize how their recruiting system was configured.

I now know exactly what my cost per hire is and where my hires come from. That made us look at what we’re spending on job boards. It allowed me to have conversations around ROI with our vendors and where the best bang for the buck is.

Corey Simons

Former Talent Acquisition Manager at eFinancial


of hires sourced


reduced agency spend


redundant steps eliminated from their hiring process

eFinancial partners with a consultant

To help, eFinancial hired outside consultant Emiley Padgett of Optimized Recruiting Solutions to redesign its hiring process and get more insights from its iCIMS platform. Padgett worked directly with eFinancial’s recruiters to determine its needs, streamline their workflows, and configure their iCIMS platform.

“I knew where we needed to go. We just didn’t have the time or the technical skills to go down a rabbit hole.”

-Corey Simons, Former Talent Acquisition Manager at eFinancial

How eFinancial optimized their recruiting platform

Together with Optimized Recruitment Solutions, eFinancial dramatically reduced the money it spent on recruiting agencies. Some of eFinancial’s biggest optimizations include:

1. High-level reports with key metrics like cost per hire and source of hire
2. Dashboards with detailed views into recruiters’ day-to-day activities
3. Simplified workflows that better match their current hiring process

We asked the question: ‘Do we know where candidates are coming from and how many are hired?’ It’s such a simple question but we couldn’t gain any insight… we knew that’s how we needed to configure the platform.

Emiley Padgett

President and Founder of Optimized Recruitment Solutions

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