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How home security provider improved candidate engagement

Defenders is a leader in the home security industry, providing safety and peace of mind to nearly two million families nationwide. Defenders installs ADT® security systems in approximately 20,000 homes per month.


Text message response rate


Increase in hires per week


Improvement in career site bounce rate

Defender's approach

To keep up with demand, Defender’s team hires an average of 40 employees per week and schedules 300 field interviews for sales positions alone.

Despite being one of the leading home security companies in the country, Defenders struggled with employer brand recognition. To get the word out, Defenders used to rely on national radio and billboards to advertise open jobs. However, the cost stacked up quickly with little return on investment.

iCIMS helped Defenders’ team scale their recruiting, maintain communication with the high volumes of candidates, and improve sourcing. As a result, Defenders discontinued their expensive radio and billboard ads.

Interacting with candidates via text message has eliminated all of the missed opportunities and miscommunication that previously plagued our recruiting team.


With iCIMS, Defenders can:

Leverage data from user dashboards

iCIMS’ interactive, real-time dashboards offer Defender’s team insight into each day’s recruitment efforts, including the status of phone screens and the number of interviews scheduled.

With recruiters hiring for multiple types of roles, customizable dashboards help them work more efficiently and see the analytics that matter most.

Engage candidates on career sites

Defenders uses live chat to engage candidates and answer their questions on the spot – regardless of time of day or location. With most candidates visiting their career sites after business hours, Defenders no longer worries about losing out on potential applicants.

“We’ve seen a 26% improvement in career microsite bounce rate and 6.45% increase in the career site click rate,” said Jody Scott, former director of talent acquisition.

Communicate via text engagement

Defenders has sent tens of thousands of texts to candidates and enjoys a 67% response rate – a massive improvement over email and voicemail alone. There are other benefits too; recruiters no longer need to use their personal phones, which helps the team stay complaint.

Host career events

Defenders uses iCIMS’ Candidate Relationship Management to help streamline events. As Scott explained: “When we go to job fairs, we use the kiosk mode to create an event and mass text message attendees with a thank-you message. We then invite qualified candidates to the office for interviews. It’s a really slick process.”

iCIMS has had a tremendous impact on the entire organization. We have more talent, better talent, and more engaged talent –with far fewer applicants lost in the candidate black hole.


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