Why You Should Prioritize Recruitment Strategy Planning

Summer has nearly come to an end, leaving many companies feeling ready to begin their strategic planning for the upcoming year. Have you started to think about your recruitment strategy plan for 2018? If not, now is the perfect time to start figuring out the jobs needed to fill, when you’ll need to fill each job, and how you are going to approach sourcing candidates. Preparing for this now, opposed to later in the year, will help ensure your company has what it needs in the upcoming hiring season.

As you look to fill open jobs in the coming months and new year, prioritizing efforts to attract suitable candidates will be quite valuable. After all, the talent you need is out there, but how your company appeals to these qualified candidates goes hand-in-hand with your recruitment strategy.

Every company deserves top-tier talent, and the key to achieving a healthy candidate pipeline is through a “water-tight recruiting strategy”, all while measuring its success with the right metrics. Don’t wait until the last minute (i.e. Q4) to begin strategy planning for your recruitment efforts.

Although every company’s recruitment needs vary there are some overlapping common themes which may be helpful to use when starting your recruitment planning. When in doubt, just remember your ABCs:

A: Align

Start on the right track by coordinating overall company goals with your recruitment strategy goals. Where is there room for improvement within your organization? What types of jobs is your company looking to fill in the new year? Who are you looking to hire? Getting aligned with management and leadership within your company is crucial to your recruiting strategies for human resources.

B: Brainstorm

Now is the time to analyze the perception of your company to job seekers, and then conceptualize what would help to make you stand out. Understand the types of applicants you are looking to attract, and research what appeals to them. Begin thinking about how you can captivate your ideal candidate through your recruitment strategy.

C: Contrive

Begin sketching out some ideas to garner attention from the candidates you need. Review your job descriptions for accuracy, as go2hr advises, and “ensure the description includes all of the critical job related components”. Furthermore, go2hr recommends that it may be ideal to use “both a short and long-term recruiting strategy”.

Once you’ve accomplished your ABCs, you should be ready to begin devoting time to developing and documenting how you plan to carry out the recruiting strategies for human resources. Recruitment strategy is no easy feat, which is why the sooner you give your company the opportunity to begin planning, the better.

A well-planned, creative recruitment strategy offers your business the opportunity to source qualified candidates you need to fill open jobs. Not only is recruitment planning important to ensure you have the right candidates for a job opening, but a bad recruitment decision can cost your company time and money, according to go2hr. With proper planning and analysis, you can lead your company to be well on its way to recruitment success.

Why You Should Prioritize Recruitment Strategy Planning

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iCIMS Staff


September 13, 2017


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