Why Social Sourcing is Crucial for Recruiting Passive Candidates

Did you know that most of today’s working professionals (about 75 percent to be exact) are categorized as passive candidates? That means three quarters of the workforce are completely content with their current job situation and are not actively seeking new roles. It’s perfectly logical to then assume that these aren’t prime targets to engage with in your war for top talent, but that assumption could hurt your talent acquisition goals.

Passive candidates are often the missing link to both current and future open positions, but the channels to reach them aren’t so obvious. Because social media has become today’s go-to platform for information, the rise of social sourcing shouldn’t be much of a surprise. In fact, 92 percent of companies are using social as a recruiting tool, so seeking coveted passive candidates here is the most logical, and arguably most effective, starting point. Below, we’ve outlined three important reasons why social sourcing will help you attract passive candidates and fill jobs faster.

Passive Recruiting Techniques


First and foremost, your brand presence needs to be distinct and engaging. When building and maintaining your brand’s social presence to reach passives, you can foster interest in your employer brand before they even know they’re interested in applying for a new job. With the aid of social recruiting software, automated postings to various social media profiles will assist with precious engagement rates with the click of a button. You’ll reach people who have a connection to an employee of your company, and gain retweets/shares among your base of loyal followers.


One seriously underutilized aspect of social sourcing is the opportunity to interact daily with brand ambassadors and bystanders who can offer real-time feedback on your company’s hiring appeal/strategies. This can help you manage brand perception while refining the selling points used as the basis for attracting talent. By taking this approach, which can be accomplished via online polling, open Q&A sessions or simply the messages people share with you after employment postings, you’re taking the first step towards attracting would-be candidates – demonstrating how much you value the feedback of your supporters. This resonates well with those candidates who look for specific examples of strong corporate culture.

Staying Connected

With the understanding that passive candidates are more of a long-term recruiting investment, it’s vital to stay connected with them and offer gain a glimpse into what it’s like working for your company. Whether it be through sharing a sneak peek styled teaser video shot with existing employees or photo-sharing campaigns centered around employee accomplishments and office perks, there are tons of creative ideas your marketing team can run with. Passive candidates can stay in touch with organizational updates and events that may peek their employment interest down the road.

The war for talent is fierce and the reality is that most of the worlds superstar candidates currently work elsewhere. Grabbing a piece of the pie starts with a proactive approach to keep your talent pools filled for simple sourcing, today and tomorrow.

Why Social Sourcing is Crucial for Recruiting Passive Candidates

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March 14, 2017


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