Using Recruiting Strategies to Hire for The Win

For sports fans, everywhere, April breeds feelings of renewal and hope for our beloved franchises. The changing season brings with it the anticipation of a fresh slate, with no disappointment in sight…yet. And much like die-hard fans, recruiters share this sense of glee as they begin to ramp up summer hiring efforts in search of the next superstar team player.

Considering it’s never too early and always too late to start thinking about your talent acquisition strategy, right now marks the perfect time on the calendar to evaluate your recruiting processes.

Scout the Emerging Stars

To ensure your open positions are filled to precision with high-quality candidates who are both skilled and culture fitting, you must adopt a candidate relationship management (CRM) tool. As the most surefire way to build up a candidate pipeline and save precious time and money when positions become available, a CRM tool will increase the reach and efficiency of your candidate communications and automate the ability to nurture relationships with both active and passive job seekers. Grabbing their attention with personalized email campaigns, dispersing your company message across numerous social channels and keeping track of engagement with advanced reporting and metrics are just a few of the tangible items which ensure your ROI with this investment.

Streamline Your Recruiting

Recruiters that use an applicant tracking software (ATS) find they can get more work accomplished because they’re able to automate time consuming and tedious tasks that would otherwise be costly, both in time and expenses. These tasks vary from manually inputting candidate information to composing outreach emails as the hiring stages progress. It’s no wonder that businesses who use an ATS are 40 percent more productive than those that do not. With an ATS, you’re ensuring that candidates are delivered the best recruiting experience, whether it be via mobile device or desktop, and that your business supports compliance standards (EEO and OFCCP) to make staying compliant with your records feasible.

Welcome Them to the Team   

Being the progressive company that you are, there’s no doubt you have a sophisticated employee onboarding in place that helps you seamlessly transition candidates into productive new hires. There’s a reason why 77 percent of new hires who’ve hit their first performance milestone had formal onboarding training – it’s an integral part of the process and these milestone accomplishments with new hires go a long way. Ensuring a well-rounded onboarding experience is significantly aided by new hire portals, which allow new team members to manage all their onboarding objectives, align with company values, benefits and policies and review training schedules all from one central location.

Each companies war for talent is different, but superstar candidates are out there and their potential impact on your team is immeasurable. Implementing harmonious recruiting software that speaks to each other means you can put yourself in the best position to land the next great player. And like us fans, with these tools under your belt, your outlook on the upcoming season of hiring should be extremely optimistic.


Using Recruiting Strategies to Hire for The Win

Written By

iCIMS Staff


April 25, 2017


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