Target the Selfie Generation with Video Recruitment Technology

The rise of video technology has become inescapable. Companies have started to notice how video technology has dominated our world and will essentially revolutionize the next generation of recruiting.

Research proves that technology and talent are CEO’s top two business priorities and in order for your business to succeed within the complex recruiting landscape, your candidate experience needs to be prioritized to protect your brand reputation and to drive your business forward.

Wondering how video recruitment technology can take your business to new heights?

Below are three reasons to encourage you to move away from traditional hiring methods and keep up with the modern recruitment process.

1. Improve Your Candidate Experience

Don’t forget, your candidates are your consumers and nothing is more detrimental than placing your brand reputation at risk. Video technology allows the candidate to take a sneak peek into your organization’s company culture before they decide to apply. From your career page to your job description, set the stage for your candidate and showcase your brand every step of the way. Additionally, this is your chance to highlight the benefits of working at your organization with a friendly video that catches them up to speed on your mission and your values.

With iCIMS’ robust integration capabilities paired with a video recruitment technology vendor, you can showcase your employer brand and simplify your application process to deliver an exceptional candidate experience from start to finish.

If your business prioritizes recruitment, it’s time to choose a best-of-breed talent platform and a video technology vendor that takes recruitment seriously.


2. Discover the Candidate Behind the Resume

With video recruitment technology, learn about your candidate with a consumer-focused talent platform before you conduct a formal interview. Decipher early on if your candidate is a culture fit during the application process by giving them an opportunity to introduce themselves in a video or have them conduct a presentation based on their job requirements. This allows the recruiter to cut to the chase during the interviewing and screening process – giving all parties the opportunity to use the video as a starting place for further discussion.

Video technology can also be used for real-time discussion as an interview tool to promote a less stressful experience for the candidate, as the candidate can choose to participate from a comfortable environment.By reducing travel and in-office waiting time video interviews streamline the scheduling process for hiring managers and key stakeholders in the hiring process, allowing your organization to increase return on investment and place working hours back into your workday.


3. Drive Your Business Forward

Did you know video interviewing can cut recruitment costs by 50 percent and according to Recruiter, video interviewing is a crucial tool to enable you to efficiently and cost-effectively assess and engage with off-shore talent?

Video technology offers the ability for organizations to save time and money during the hiring process while protecting their brand reputation and improving their candidate experience. Video is a must-have tool in today’s modern world of talent acquisition. Without it, your organization is choosing to deprioritize recruitment which in return, places your business at risk.

If you’re ready to take recruitment seriously with video technology at your fingertips, take a look at six reasons why your company should implement virtual interview tools now to identify top-performing talent. 

Target the Selfie Generation with Video Recruitment Technology

Written By

iCIMS Staff


November 30, 2017


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