Ring in the New Year with a Top Notch Recruiting Program

Recruiters are constantly challenged to find and hire top talent, despite a very complex and complicated hiring landscape and job market. New technologies, changing job seeker behaviors and the rise and fall of skill sets requires more than traditional recruiting strategies.

Ringing in the new year presents the perfect opportunity to rethink your recruitment strategies and make pivots and investments, where needed. Revisit your recruitment program to ensure you have the best processes, systems and technologies in place to attract and retain top talent, and to help your company achieve success and meet its business goals.

Here are some things to keep in mind, as you reevaluate your recruiting strategies heading into 2018:

1. Go best-of-breed vs. relying on your HCM: Do you use the recruiting component provided by your HCM or ERP? Is it meeting your needs? Executives know that hiring the right people is key to the success of their business. Knowing that recruitment is a top priority for CEOs means that you need the best recruitment software to help you get the job done. It is too important of a task to leave to an HCM/ERP provider. Companies need to utilize a best-of-breed recruitment software, like iCIMS Recruit, to find and attract the best people. It is simply too important to mess up.

2. Make it quick: Candidates want a quick and easy application process that can be completed from the convenience of their phone. If your application process isn’t mobile-optimized and mobile friendly, it’s time to search for a new vendor that can help you get mobile. In fact, 66 percent of working Americans, including 82 percent of millennials, expect every company to have a mobile-friendly career site and job application process, according to a recent survey conducted by iCIMS.

3. Make it easy: Does your recruitment software play nice with Google? If job seekers aren’t going directly to your career site, they likely start their search in Google. Your ATS should have a partnership with Google to ensure accurate job matching and that job seekers can search and apply for jobs through a simple Google search, as soon as they are posted.

4. Get social: As the workforce is looking for even greater convince when submitting their application, social media will act as the catalyst for simplicity. Make sure your ATS provides candidates with the option to auto-populate their application by pulling information from their social media profiles.

5. Be personal: Treat your candidates like customers. If one of your customers called saying they were concerned about your services, would you wait days before returning the call? Your ATS and CRM should make it easy for you to send personalized communications and updates to all applicants. Adding a personal touch can help candidates feel valued.

6. Transparency is key: Candidates want to know what they are getting into, before they apply. Take a look at your career site and ensure that it accurately portrays your culture and work environment. You can tell your company’s story and mission through videos and creative content on the career site and job descriptions that details the skills, competencies and personality traits that your company is looking for.

7. Skills gaps exist – avoid them: From STEM skills gaps to leadership gaps, skills gaps are only expected to increase. If your team has hard-to-fill roles, integrating with an assessment provider can help your organization to more accurately screen candidates and identify candidates whose soft skills align with the gaps your business needs to address. According to iCIMS system data from its base of 4,000+ customers, the top soft skills and personality traits recruiters are using to describe their candidates include ambitious, confident, friendly, charismatic and articulate.

8. Let data drive your recruiting: Does your recruitment platform offer robust analytic and reporting features? Tracking and analyzing your hiring data, such as your time-to-fill, cost-per-hire and email campaign effectiveness can help you hire better and faster. Having all of your reports and data in one place ensures consistency and accuracy.

9. Create an attractive employee referral program: A company’s best employees often know the best candidates. In fact, 60 percent of employers believe that referrals bring in candidates that are a better fit for the company, and 86 percent of working Americans agree that they expect to be happier at a job they were referred for than one they were not referred for, according to an iCIMS survey. If you don’t have a referral program in place, create one. Now is also a great time to enhance your program to ensure it is attractive and enticing for employees to participate in.

10. Recruit contingent workers: Recruiting contingent workers is a growing trend to be aware of, as 40 percent of the U.S. workforce is expected to be made of contingent workers, according to a report by Intuit. Your ATS and CRM tool should allow you to create tailored recruitment campaigns and job advertisements on niche job boards to help you reach more contingent workers.

11. Talent pools are the key to having a runway of recruitment success: Build a pipeline with a CRM tool, like iCIMS Connect, to nurture passive candidates and keep them engaged and interested in your company, so you have some options when a position opens up. Your CRM tool will help you fill jobs faster with the ability to better market your company’s employer brand and improve your candidate relationship management.

12. Inspire hires before their first day: Before your new hires steps into your office, have them fill out any necessary forms online so they can jump into their new role faster and more efficiently. Onboarding software, like iCIMS Onboard, that integrates with the rest of your recruitment software is the best option, to have a seamless experience for both your recruiters and your hires.

13. Several tools, one platform: Recruiting is complex and dynamic, therefore it requires focus. Most recruiters use a handful of various recruiting tools, so to streamline efforts (and to keep you sane), you need a way to bring your increasingly complex talent acquisition world together. iCIMS UNIFi, a Platform-as-a-Service solution, answers that call by making it easy to shop for, integrate, and build hiring tools in one streamlined experience. Centralizing these technology solutions into one organized workflow enables employers to gain greater efficiency and more actionable reporting and insights.

Now that we are nearing the end of the year, what changes are you going to make for 2018? If you don’t prioritize your recruitment, your business results will suffer.

Ring in the New Year with a Top Notch Recruiting Program

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December 21, 2017


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