Recruitment Ideas for Reaching Competitive Candidate Pools

If anything’s for sure in the ever-changing world of recruitment, it’s that competition for top talent is fierce. Employees are more determined than ever to make personal happiness a priority, and look for jobs that encourage work-life balance. In fact, 63 percent of full-time employees are actively pursuing new jobs, spending an average of four hours a month researching companies and applying to open positions. What does this mean for recruiters? This surge of interested talent can help your hiring teams fill roles faster. Here are three recruitment ideas that can help tap into your candidate pools to win over active candidates on the hunt for a change, or snag passive candidates when they’re finally ready to make the switch.

Speak to Your Candidate’s Pain Points

Get in your candidate’s heads – why exactly are they looking for a new position? According to iCIMS’ research, 42 percent of employees would leave their position due to limited future growth or opportunity for promotion within their company. Employee benefits and compensation packages come in at a close second with 34 percent. Use this data to your advantage when connecting with your candidate pools. While it’s important to notify your talent pools of open requisitions, you should also nurture candidate pools with company information to strengthen your employer brand. Showcase your company’s mission, compensation packages, and opportunities for growth in your nurture campaigns to build brand awareness and keep your company top of mind when prospective candidates are ready for a change. Additionally, incorporate your corporate differentiators onto your careers page. This way, they go to research your open positions, they’ll be able to see exactly why they should pursue a career with your company directly on your career portal.

Consider the Gig Economy

The gig economy, or employees in alternative work arrangements such as freelancers and contracted positions, often gets lost in the shadows of full-time work. But did you know 56 percent of full-time employees would be interested in leaving their current job for a position in the gig economy? From having more flexible work hours to career mobility, more and more full-time workers are interested in non-traditional work. Although your full-time roles are important, don’t forget about recruiting for your part-time positions and freelance opportunities. Create talent pools of freelancers or employees in non-traditional roles so when opportunities arise, you have an arsenal to market to and can take one step closer to filling that spot.

Invest in a Powerful CRM

The easiest way to stay in touch with both active and passive candidates? Arm your recruiters with robust candidate relationship management software (CRM). Technology like iCIMS Connect makes it easy to take back your proactive recruitment strategy and make your employer brand shine. Look for software that allows you to strategically build out your talent database using criteria such as candidate features, engagement activity, and applicant readiness. Your software should also offer seamless email marketing functionality. This way, your recruiters can get ahead of the game by proactively sending company updates and promoting open positions. 

Recruitment Ideas for Reaching Competitive Candidate Pools

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iCIMS Staff


June 20, 2017


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